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5 Annual Forever Photos You Need For Your Family


If you have a young family, you have probably got into the habit of taking pictures regularly; you don’t want to miss out on those precious years when they’re little, and you’re all together as a family. But how good are the pictures you capture and do they do justice to those unmissable and unrepeatable life moments? If you have doubts about that, consider professional solutions to the natural poses you try to capture.

The Classic Pose

You might not look all that different from how you looked one year ago, but there’s a strong chance your kids will. Also, there will be some changes to your appearance as well, different clothes and different hairstyle.

In future years you will be glad you took a classic pose photo of your family every year, at least until the kids leave home. This not only gives you lovely photos and memories, but it also helps jog your memory about times past.

The Candid Shot

A good alternative to the classic pose is the candid shot from twinkle portraits, especially if you have little ones who won’t sit still for two minutes or refuse to smile. The Candid Shot is an informal photo taken of your family hanging out naturally.

Although this photo appears natural, it is staged by a professional photographer. They create the conditions needed to get the perfect casual shot of you and your kids laughing or playing together. This is one you don’t want to miss.

The Classic Kids Shot

It’s good to have a classic family pose photograph taken once a year for the reasons mentioned above, but you might also consider classic kids shot. This photo only contains the kids and possibly the cousins as well.

These photos become treasured items in later years when looking back at your family history. They will also give your kids something to treasure as they grow older and move on with their lives. The kid’s photos punctuate life annually in the same way as the Classic Pose.

Mom and Dad With Kids 

There are several options when it comes to this classic and necessary family forever photo. You can have each parent taken with the kids separately, or why not have everyone together. The choice is yours but choose carefully.

These are pictures that will last for years and stay in your family for generations. If you have regular family photoshoots, formally or informally, you need to include a selection of mom and dad with kids’ photos for posterity.

Kids Being Kids

Another type of photo you don’t want to forget in the family photo albums is the kids Being kids photos. These are mostly informal pictures taken on vacations or during outings. They show the true personalities of your kids, something they will appreciate in future years.

You can have these photos done formally or informally. Mostly they are taken by a parent with a good phone camera or professional SLR. You can, however, book a professional photographer occasionally to get this type of picture created more reliably.


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