4 Things That You Will Need When Planning Your Baby’s Nursery

There is something so exciting about planning a nursery for your baby. If you don’t have a room spare in the home, you may have even gone as far as planning an extension on the house to add the room that you need for the baby. Not only do you have nine months to prepare the room, but you also have at least another six months beyond that before the baby goes into their own bedroom. So, you can make sure that your child has the best possible nursery space to grow into as they turn from baby to child. Not only do you have time to plan out the nursery, but also all of the other necessities you will need to care for your baby – from ensuring you’re getting a good quality changing mat, to using premium car seats for your journeys with your newborn. There is so much to take into consideration, and preparing the nursery is just one of them.

Whether you need to create a whole new extension with an appointment to install spray foam insulation to make the room cozy, or you simply need to give the spare room a lick of paint, you need to plan. Planning is going to make a big difference when it comes to creating a brand new nursery, as it can be an overwhelming process. The things that you buy for the space will greatly depend on your personal preferences and what you want for your child, but even the basics in decor can be accompanied with a brand new upgrade to the room. So, what do you really need for your baby’s nursery?


A new crib

You have a bassinet for the bedroom, but a crib can be set up in the nursery. It’s the focal point of the room, and it should be placed away from the heaters and the windows. The new crib is going to be the place in which they sleep when they move into the room and there is a lot of choices out there! The crib doesn’t need anything more than a fitted sheet in it, so please don’t go out buying pillows and quilts and cot bumpers – no loose covers! SIDS is a big deal, and it’s not to be risked for a pretty crib.

Clothing storage

Yes, your child needs a dresser or a wardrobe. You can buy hangers that are specific to their baby clothes, and you can buy baskets to keep the fiddly things in like socks and gloves. These can go in the bottom of the wardrobe space and you can be far more organized when you do things this way. Organization is key with a baby around, and you cannot miss out on the best clothing storage around! This space is also ideal for housing all of the baby toys. You won’t want the space to be messy as a crowded floor can be dangerous for a baby to move around on. Therefore, use all storage space to keep the room tidy and baby-friendly.

Changing station

Whether you have a whole table or you just have a changing mat and a load of storage for diapers and wipes, you need to choose where to change the baby. A full table will give you a better height for changing time, which will save your back a lot of trouble!

A comfortable chair

From a squashy armchair to a rocking chair, you need something to sit in for nighttime feeds and cuddles. Make sure that it’s ergonomic and you can feel comfortable when you are sitting there for a couple of hours at a time. You can get a chair that will also sit a feeding pillow ready for the best support for feeds.


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