How Surrogate Mothers Can Build Their Support Systems

Surrogacy offers hope to those unable to conceive naturally and provides financial benefits, making it a rewarding option for many mothers. However, surrogacy also couples with a wild roller coaster ride of emotions, hormones, and paperwork.

If you are planning to become a surrogate—first off, congratulations on being a superhero mom—a well-assembled team of your own extraordinary people can go a long way. Build your surrogate support system with these top tips and ensure you have all the aid you need for an enjoyable, profound journey into surrogacy.

Gather Your Inner Circle

Who better to support you than those already significantly in your life? Leaning on your inner circle, from your partner to your best friends—maybe even your pets—can provide unshakeable emotional support and practical help. This trusted group can offer everything from a listening ear to advice grounded in understanding your unique journey.

Your inner circle will celebrate the highs, comfort you through the lows, and provide the daily support that’s so vital during this time. Engaging with people who already play a role in your life ensures your support system is both strong and sensitive to your needs.

Connect With Fellow Surro-Sisters

No one understands what you’re going through quite like another surrogate. Connecting with fellow surrogates can be incredibly comforting. Whether it’s sharing swelling stories and tips or opening up about the uniqueness of growing a baby for another family, these women get it on a cellular level.

Seek Out Professional Guidance

Sometimes, you need the sage wisdom of an expert who regularly guides people through this complex journey. Your professional support squad can include a therapist specializing in surrogacy and fertility issues, a surrogacy agency counselor, or a dedicated medical professional. These wise sages can offer perspective, advice, and coping strategies that your well-meaning aunt’s “back in my day” stories can’t quite cover.

Involve the Intended Parents

Building a meaningful relationship with the intended parents can enhance your surrogacy experience, nurturing a unique bond that carries mutual respect and understanding. Integrating the intended parents into your support system adds a layer of emotional depth and shared anticipation that enriches the journey for everyone involved.

Keep the lines of communication open; regular updates, joint medical appointments, and shared experiences foster a strong connection and make them an integral part of your support system. This collaborative approach smoothens the surrogacy process, aligning expectations and ensuring acknowledgment of everyone’s needs.

One of the most important steps in becoming a surrogate mother is finding support. Knowing how to build a support system as a surrogate mother ensures you feel seen, understood, and valued throughout the surrogacy journey. This web of support acts as a buffering layer against potential stress and strains, offering emotional solace and practical assistance when needed most. It takes a village to raise a child, as the saying goes, but sometimes it takes that village just to make sure the child gets here healthy and happy, too.


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