Try These Hobbies to Improve Your Mental Health

Doing a hobby can be really good for your mental health. It gives you something to do that can distract you from other things in your life. It helps you to relax and deal with stress, and it can boost hormones that make you feel good too. Some hobbies can help you develop creative skills, while others might help you to stay physically fit (which can also be good for your mental health). Lots of different hobbies can be good for your mental health, so take a look at some of these suggestions to maybe find your next healthy hobby.

Enjoy Music

Connecting with music is a wonderful way to support your mental health, whether you’re listening to it or making it. Spending some time listening to music can lift your mood or it can help you to work out your feelings. It’s also a great way to relax when you’re feeling stressed. Making music is a good way to enjoy it too, so learning an instrument could be your next hobby. You can find easy pieces to learn, like the Beauty and the Beast sheet music, which is available for piano, guitar, and more. You could soon be writing your own music too.


Take Up a New Sport/Exercise

Participating in sports gives you multiple benefits that can help you to take care of your mental health. Exercise can help to lift your mood, leaving you feeling happier after a good workout. Team sports also have a social element to them, allowing you to work closely with other people. You could also join exercise classes or find a workout buddy if you’re looking for that social connection with others. Regular exercise helps you to stay physically fit too, which can contribute to taking care of your mental health.

Do Something Creative

Creative hobbies are fun and relaxing. You can aim to improve your creative skills, but you can also simply enjoy a creative pursuit for the fun of it. There are all sorts of creative things that you can try out, from knitting and sewing to painting and pottery. Some things may be slightly cheaper and easier to get started with on your own. But there are also classes and workshops you can attend if you want to try something out. As well as the enjoyment of doing something creative, you can feel proud of what you’ve made when you’re finished.

Get Out in the Garden

Gardening can be very relaxing too, and it can help you to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. You can enjoy gardening in lots of ways, whether you like to get on a ride-on lawnmower or you want to spend some time planting and pruning. You could grow flowers, vegetables, or herbs, or you just keep things simple and take care of your lawn. Being outside can help you to get more vitamin D too.


If you’re looking for ways to improve and maintain your mental health, taking up a new hobby could be the way to do it.


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