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Why Your Child’s Hobbies are Just As Important As Math!

Extracurricular activities are just as important for your child’s development as math and English. It’s important for your child to learn new skills away from the classroom environment so that they can meet new people, develop skills and build confidence. Every child has their own individual interests and talents. As parents, it’s our job to identify and nurture our child’s talents. A child needs to experience different activities in order to find out what they like.

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Children enjoy music from a very early age. Nursery rhymes are sung to babies and many early years establishments use music and singing as a learning tool. As your child grows, an interest in popular music develops, which is often the starting point where an interest in learning a musical instrument starts. The internet has opened up a whole plethora of learning opportunities, you can learn to play the ukulele at or any other instrument of choice via youtube and website podcasts. If your child wishes to learn a musical instrument further you could search for a tutor in your local area.


Sport encompasses a whole range of activities and there are so many options to explore. Team sports are excellent at developing social skills and an ability to work well within a team, research your local football teams, cricket teams, or netball teams. Martial arts are a good way of increasing confidence, strength and stamina, you could encourage your child to try a karate or judo class. Swimming is a sport as well as being an important life skill and sports such as tennis and golf encourage good hand/eye coordination as well as how to play competitively.

Arts and crafts

Young children develop good motor skills whilst undertaking craft activities. Participating in crafts is something that parents can complete with their children, maintaining traditions. Older children can explore their creative side, completing arts and crafts to a high standard is confidence building and fulfilling. Often children find arts and crafts stress relieving and relaxing after a hard day studying.


Drama is excellent at increasing a child’s confidence. Acting encourages creativity as well as the ability to cope with stressful situations. The challenges of performing on stage are fulfilling and once a minor acting part is completed a child will be ready to take on more challenging roles. The skills developed during drama will last a lifetime and will stand them in good stead when making presentations or performing well in interview situations.

Educational interest

Often a spark of interest in a subject is lit in a child when they learn something at school or from a place of interest. The child may wish to learn everything about their interest and this should be encouraged. Perhaps a trip to an aquarium has inspired your child to learn everything about the ocean. Fish keeping could become their hobby and who knows, they may eventually pursue a career in marine biology!


Whatever your child chooses as their hobby, as parents it’s our job to facilitate the interest. Don’t feel as though you need to fill every hour of your child’s life with activities as a child needs to be bored on occasions to stimulate creativity.


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