Tips for Keeping Your Dog Active This Winter

Most dog breeds require daily physical activity, and this need doesn’t disappear when the winter weather settles in. Although you may not want to go outside in the cold and snow, your four-legged friend needs to release energy and work their muscles. You don’t have to do this outdoors, but you may benefit from a few tips for keeping your dog active this winter. Consider these indoor exercise options for your pup. 

Get Them on a Treadmill

If you have a treadmill in your home, you can use it for yourself and your dog this winter. Although it may seem unnatural for a dog to walk or run on a treadmill, it can be an excellent form of physical activity during the winter months. You may have to start slow and train them to stay on the belt; however, your pup will love indoor walks once they get the hang of it. 

Utilize Your Staircase

Your staircase can be an instrumental piece in helping your dog get the exercise they need to stay healthy. Although you can play fetch with their favorite ball or toy anywhere in the house, they will get a better workout if you incorporate the stairs. For instance, you can throw their toy up the stairs so they’ll run hard to find it. Once they have it, they’ll run back down the stairs for you to throw it again. 

Repeat this process several times, and the physical activity will wear out your pup before you know it. Your dog will love the opportunity to run indoors, and you won’t have to do much of anything besides throwing their toy—it’s a win-win.

Find an Indoor Dog Park 

Going to the dog park is an excellent opportunity to work out with your dog, but it’s not always possible once winter comes around. However, there are indoor dog parks that allow you to continue getting those workouts in. Indoor parks will have space to play fetch, walk or run together, meet other dogs and owners, and work on agility. 

Go for a Dog-Friendly Shopping Trip

Sometimes it can do you and your pet some good to get out of the house in the winter. One fun activity to do with your dog this winter is taking them along for a dog-friendly shopping trip. Whether you go to a pet store or another pet-friendly shop, your dog will love being out of the house, meeting new people, and encountering new sights and smells. Additionally, you’ll both get some much-needed exercise by walking around together. 

With these tips for keeping your dog active this winter, you’ll keep them in good shape despite the weather. Although your pup may like the snow, you don’t have to suffer in the cold just to get them the exercise they need throughout the winter months. 


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