Ways To Keep Your Dog Comfortable and Warm This Winter

Winter brings cold temperatures and harsh elements. Some dogs need extra attention and care during the cooler season. Senior or short-haired dogs have difficulty regulating their body temperatures, and long-haired dogs need help protecting their tail, paws, and ears. Your dog will stay warm and comfortable this winter when you follow these tips.

Buy Them a Doggy Jacket or Sweater

Not all dogs can handle the intense cold during the winter. Your husky or Bernese mountain dog will gladly embrace the chilly temperatures, but other breeds will need a little help. Doggy sweaters and jackets will help keep your Chihuahua, bulldog, and Boston terriers warm all winter.

There are plenty of styles, colors, and designs available, so you’re sure to find one you love. You can even grab matching sweaters for the whole family and include your pup. What a fun photo opportunity!

Protect Your Puppy’s Paws

You wear protective footwear when you’re outdoors during the winter, and dogs deserve the same treatment. Their little paws are more susceptible to cold, so you should use dog booties to protect them.

When they come back inside, check their paws for abrasions and cuts. Wipes away any snow and frost and trim the hair between the paw pads. Contact your vet for a dog-safe moisturizer if you notice any cracking or drying on your dog’s paw pads.

Add a Cozy Blanket and Comfortable Bed

Your dog deserves a comfortable place to lie down and relax when they need to escape. No dog should sleep on the cold floor, and it’s best to provide your big pup with its own bed. You can place the dog bed and blanket in your dog’s crate or put the bed in an area where they love to relax.

The blanket is a cozy item your furry friend can snuggle up with while they sleep. Consider a soft, fuzzy toy your dog can enjoy during naps—it’s a little extra touch of love.

Don’t allow your dog to be outside without supervision. The above tips will help keep your dog comfortable and warm all winter. They’ll thank you for the extra love and care.


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