5 Important Traits To Look For in a Dog Groomer

Now and then, your family dog needs a trim. You could do it yourself, but getting someone who can do it for you is much easier. Finding the best person for the job is difficult unless you know the right qualities to look for. Here are five important traits to look for in a dog groomer.


When you look for a dog groomer, find one that focuses on cleanliness. When you visit their location, make sure it is well-ventilated and clean. That way, your favorite animal will not experience exposure to germs or illnesses from other dogs. If you are looking at a groomer that does not seem to value hygiene, it is time to look elsewhere.

Experience With Your Dog’s Breed

Another important trait to look for in a dog groomer is experience with your dog’s breed. Some dog breeds, such as poodles, have particular needs for their grooming. Ensure the groomer you are considering knows these needs and can provide your pet with the cut they need.

Good References

When you bring your dog in for grooming, you want to leave them with a trustworthy person. Do some research and see if they have good references. These may come from your veterinarian, your friends, or even those who operate the kennel where your dog stays. If the dog groomer has earned the confidence of people you trust, you will likely be leaving your dog in good hands.

First-Aid Expertise

You may encounter a groomer who seems like they won’t have an accident trimming your dog, but don’t leave anything to chance. Ensure the groomer has access to a first-aid kit and has training in first aid or at least has an employee with the right expertise. That way, you can feel better assured that the groomer can provide your pet with the proper care.

Good Communication Skills

Another trait you should look for in your dog groomer is excellent communication skills. When you drop off your dog for grooming, you will likely give them directions on how they should trim your pet’s fur. They should be able to communicate that they understand your needs or need more information.

If you pick up your dog and find that the groomer did not follow your directions, it may be a sign that they have poor listening and communication skills. You may need to find grooming services elsewhere.

Your dog needs to look good and have a haircut that leaves them feeling comfortable. If you find a groomer with the traits listed above, you and your pup will be happy.


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