The Health Risks Of A Work-At-Home Generation

If like many people, you have found yourself working from home and spending more and more time inside your house as a result of the ongoing pandemic, then you might feel that you have gotten into a good working groove by now. But are you taking enough care of your health? Here are some of the issues you should be watching out for.



Perhaps the most common problem is that of isolation. Without the social buzz of the workplace, it can be easy to feel lonely and for the bad mental health effects of isolation to start taking hold. You might want to recommend that the workplace makes use of tools like Slack to make working from home slightly more social. Otherwise, you should make an effort to get in touch with friends and family a little more often.

Lack of exercise

It’s all too easy to spend the majority of your day sitting in front of the computer screen before moving over to the couch in front of the TV. However, it is vital to find the exercises from home that you can complete. With apps like Freeletics Bodyweight, you don’t need much more equipment than a yoga mat to get your full-body exercise several times a week.

Not going outside

A good walk, jog, or bike ride can help you stay healthy. Aside from getting you moving, it truly is important that you get outside every day. The health benefits of sunshine are often underrated. Aside from being a primary way of absorbing the necessary vitamin D, it’s also vitally important for your immune system, which is becoming more and more of a common concern, nowadays.

Coping with stress badly

It’s not unexpected for anyone to find the current age a little more stressful than usual. However, how you cope with that stress is important. If you have turned to self-medicating, be it with prescription drugs, alcohol, or something else, then you might need to look at organizations like Sunshine Behavioral Health that can help you. There are healthy coping mechanisms, such as meditation, exercise, or picking up a hobby that can help you release some of that stress and address the root problems, instead.


It might sound like a relatively small problem in comparison, but failing to manage your home-life balance can lead to or exacerbate all of the issues above. Losing the time that you need for self-care and taking on the stress that comes with over-extending can make working from home a personal hell. Make sure that you’re not working too hard and take the breaks that you need to. People working from home tend to be more productive, but this might be in part due to the adoption of unhealthy working habits.


Without the support network of a workplace around you, the onus is placed more directly on you to make sure that you’re taking good care of yourself. Take the time to look at your current situation, see if any of the points above hold true and if so, think about the first step to take action against it.


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