The Best Homemade Cleaners To Keep Your Pipes Clean

As a busy parent, you may not have time to let a plumber in to perform exploratory surgery on your pipes but clearing them with some homemade pipe cleaners is quick and easy. Simple, efficient, and wallet-friendly, they’ll rid your pipes of gunk while keeping you stress-free. Use these top homemade cleaners to keep your pipes clean.

The Classic Baking Soda and Vinegar Combo

Don’t knock the classics, especially this fan favorite. Baking soda reacts with vinegar to create a powerful foaming force, perfect for conquering pesky pipe gunk. Mix equal portions of baking soda and white vinegar, pour it down the clogged drain, and wait 20-30 minutes. Follow it with boiling water to flush everything out.

Salt, Baking Soda, and Boiling Water

Bring salt into the mix when the classics need a teammate. The addition of salt helps break down tough greasy buildup. Like the above combination, combine equal portions of table salt and baking soda, pour it down the drain, and follow it with boiling water. Wait 10 minutes before flushing the drain with cold water to dislodge any leftover particles.

Lemon or Orange Peels

Next time you finish enjoying a fresh orange or lemon, hold onto those peels. Citrus peels contain essential oils that naturally break down grease and other gunk hiding in your pipes. Just send some citrus peels down your garbage disposal, turn on the cold tap, and let the disposal run for about a minute. These peels are a great homemade cleaner to keep your pipes clean and add a citrusy scent to your kitchen that’ll convince everyone that you’ve kept up with your vitamin C intake.

Dish Soap, Hot Water, and a Plunger

A generous squirt of your everyday dish soap followed by almost-boiling water should loosen up most of the grease and grime in your pipes. Wait a few minutes, then break out the plunger for extra firepower. The plunger’s suction ensures you’ve truly cleared your pipes of debris.

Plenty of nifty homemade pipe cleaners exist to kick dirt and grime to the curb and conquer your clogged pipe woes. Armed with these secret weapons, you’ll have a way to prevent corroded pipes by frequently cleaning them and worrying less about a clog that could grow in severity the longer it’s present. Keep the pipes clean and your home organized with the wonderful ingredients in your pantry!


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