3 Tips To Keep Your Home’s Entry Clean and Uncluttered

The first thing guests see when they come over is your home’s entry. Make a good impression with these 3 tips to keep your home’s entry clean and uncluttered.

Kids, dogs, and dads are professional mess-makers. They track dirt everywhere. When your in-laws are on the way over, it’s tempting to throw a rug over a muddy floor and call it a day.

And as far as clutter goes, sure, it would be easier to chuck everything in your closet and close the door, but then you’d have another mess on your hands. Take a few moments to implement these three tips to keep your home’s entry clean and uncluttered, and you won’t have to worry about tidying up at the last minute.

Put a Shoe Tray in the Entryway

A shoe tray is an easy, cost-effective way to keep dirt and grime from entering your home. Place one near the front door and encourage everyone in your house to put their shoes there when they come in. This tray will contain all those dirty soles, and you’ll also have a place to store slippers and other footwear.

Get Creative With Storage Solutions

Make the most of your entryway space with clever storage solutions. Use small shelves, wall-mounted bins and baskets, or even a repurposed sideboard to store items like umbrellas, jackets, and scarves. Also, use labels for all your storage containers—this will help you (and your guests) find what they need quickly and easily.

Clean Floors and Dust Picture Frames

When you don’t want to mop your entry floor, washable rugs or doormats start to look like great solutions. Keeping your entry doormats clean can make maintaining your floors that much easier. Your polished wood floor or elegant tile can peek out around the edges of the rug, saying, “Hey! Look at me! I’m beautiful!”

But seriously, concealing drying mud and festering spills under a rug won’t do your floors any good in the long run. So before you throw down that rug, clean your floor and wait until it dries. That way, you won’t find yourself peeling a stuck-on rug off a floor that has come to resemble your fifth grader’s science experiment called “How Mold Grows.”

Once you finish looking down at your clean floor, look up at the gray film coating your picture frames and light fixtures. A microfiber dust cloth will make quick work of that.

By following these three tips to keep your home’s entry clean and uncluttered, your mother-in-law won’t have something to complain about the minute she enters your house. She’ll have to move on to the living room to find fodder for backhanded “compliments” and helpful “suggestions.” With a little bit of effort, you can disarm her from the get-go, and maybe she’ll go easier on the rest of your home!


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