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Deep Cleaning Projects To Tackle This Spring

Are you feeling antsy about getting your spring cleaning underway already? This post will help you decide which deep cleaning projects to tackle.

Spring cleaning became a tradition for a reason. After being cooped up all winter, we can finally open the windows and clean. It feels like a fresh start—a new beginning. That’s what spring represents. 

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed figuring out which items to clean. Here are which deep cleaning projects to tackle this spring. 

Clean Out the Pantry

Sometimes food items get lost in the pantry. Cans and boxes become buried or forgotten throughout the year. Go through everything in your pantry and check the expiration dates. Throw away anything past its prime.

You can donate pantry items you don’t need that aren’t expired. Look for things that you have multiples of that could help others. Use this time to create an organized system to prevent items from falling to the wayside throughout the year. 

Deep Clean the Fridge

When was the last time you cleaned out your produce drawer or the shelves of your refrigerator? Use the spring to tackle the refrigerator. Wash all the drawers, shelves, and containers. Wipe down all the walls and throw away any old food. After everything is sparkling clean, add all your food back and walk away feeling accomplished. 

Clean Your Windows

You probably only clean your windows once a year: during spring cleaning. It’s time to break out the soapy water and get to washing. 

Use a vacuum to remove all the loose dirt and grime built up on the windowsill. A microfiber cloth is your best friend when cleaning windows. Use a mixture of soap and water followed by diluted vinegar to ensure a clean, streak-free window. It won’t leave streaks behind as you wipe. 

After cleaning, dust the frame to ensure nothing is left behind. Touch up any chipped paint for a chic-looking window. 

Wash Walls and Doors 

The walls and doors are some neglected areas of our homes—unless the kids color on them, and then we only wipe down those spots. Take soapy water and a rag to wipe down interior walls and remove dirt and grime. Do the same thing for all the interior and exterior doors. 

While wiping down the walls, check for any signs of water damage and mold. If you see mold growing on the ceiling, go into the attic and check the insulation because mold can grow on insulation. Mold growing on the walls could mean you have leaky pipes, which you’ll want to fix straightaway. 

Make sure you use proper cleaning tools and solutions when tackling these deep cleaning projects this spring. You don’t want to damage your walls, carpet, furniture, or other items. 


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