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Ride On, Storm Riley: Preparing For This Week’s Bad Weather



Anyone living on the East Coast should be aware of the storm that is coming in from the Atlantic. We know about it because Delaware is well within the hitting zone, as is Maine all the way down to the northern tip of the Appalachians. Weather experts predict gale-force winds of up 80 miles an hour and torrential rainfall, so Riley is no joke. Seriously, has the latest if you are unsure. With the terrible conditions in the latter part of 2017, Americans know only too well how bad wind and rain can get. Homeowners need to prepare, and here is a selection of tips to help.

Batten Down The Hatches

No one thinks Mother Nature is going to target their house until it’s too late. After the storm hits, there is debris everywhere and major renovation work to complete. By far the most effective and easiest protection method is to barricade the property. All it takes is a handful of wood or metal shutters on the windows and extra locks on the doors. Aside from those additions, homeowners may want to look to remove or nail down anything that is loose regardless of its size and weight. Once the wind picks up, it may crash into the exterior and cause a lot of damage.

Have A Plan

Weather watchers don’t think Storm Riley is going to be as bad as the ones that hit the South last year. Still, conditions can turn in a matter of seconds so the family should have a plan. It may be as simple as running down to the basement, but a strategy is essential all the same. recommends making an emergency kit with a host of useful items such as food, water, and batteries. You may also want to throw in a first aid kit and a cell phone to check the news.

Unplug Appliances

Storms cause electrical problems that can be deadly in the right conditions. An average house will use a boatload of electronics, and that puts a strain on the outlets. The chances are that during the bad weather, a circuit may blow and the whole property could be without energy. Only unplug the unnecessary things, like the appliances that are arbitrary in a storm. suggests installing and using air to air heat pump to keep warm because they are more efficient than boilers and radiators. Otherwise, start a fire or put on a couple of extra layers.

Stay Inside

As spring nears, the northern hemisphere is suffering from bad weather and the advice is the same: don’t go out! As simple as it sounds, people either think the conditions are overplayed or that their travel plans are essential. Unless there is a clad iron excuse to go outside, you shouldn’t open the door and take the chance. With high winds and downpours, driving gets harder as does walking down the street to pick up groceries. As a rule, use what you have until the storm blows over.


Did you know Storm Riley was coming? Are you ready for the spring showers?


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