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4 Mom and Mom-To-Be Friendly Companies to Work For

Working outside of the home is a necessity for most parents. That is a given. What is even more important is making sure you are able to work for a company that offers you benefits that can make life so much easier for you as a mom and parent in the long run.


I have compiled a list of 7 different companies that I personally feel are “mom-friendly” and who offer the best employee benefits. While I have no experience working at any of them per se, I did some research and these 7 just stand out the most to me. While I am no longer deemed a “new mom”, I know how important it is to have that balance between both home life and work life. Let’s get to the list, shall we?

Five Guys

Five Guys is a premium fast-food burger restaurant. With high ratings on restaurant review sites like Zagat, Five Guys offers a unique dining experience that compares to the best burger places in the country. Five Guys Daphne offers many benefits of working for the restaurant chain, including bonuses and advancement opportunities.

  • All employees are trained to work in each job function. This allows the company to rotate throughout the whole business so they can see how the company works.
  • Potential to earn bonuses TWICE monthly instead of once a year.
  • Health insurance is offered to full-time employees with a 50% contribution.
  • Secret shopper program: The secret shopper program keeps employees on their toes because any customer could be the secret shopper. Employees who impress the secret shopper receive a bonus and other perks.
  • Free meals are offered on each shift. When you aren’t working, you get a 50% off discount.
  • Full-time employees are offered the 401(K) program.

As a working mom, the potential to earn TWO bonuses PER month is what sticks out here most to me. That is extra money to put towards bills, baby stuff, and whatever is leftover can be put in a savings account.

Bank of America

I have a close friend who said she worked at Bank of America and loved every moment of her time as an employee. While she was not a mom at the time of her employment, she still said it was a good atmosphere to work in and the benefits are great.

So how do they stand out to me as a mom-friendly company to work for?

  • You get 16 weeks of FULLY PAID parental leave.
  • Looking to adopt? Bank of America provides its employees with adoption reimbursement of up to $8,000 per child.
  • You can receive up to $240 in monthly childcare.
  • 60% of its 250,000 employees are women.

The paid leave and monthly childcare are 2 benefits that stick out the most to me. A lot of companies do not offer fully paid parental leave or childcare assistance.

Johnson and Johnson

What household out there hasn’t heard of this company? Johnson and Johnson was a huge household name when I was growing up and still is to this day. What I didn’t know is they offer so many benefits to their employees and a lot are very beneficial to moms.

  • You get 40 hours of paid time off ANNUALLY.
  • You can receive adoption and surrogacy aid up to $20,000 per child and fertility aid up to $35,000.
  • Benefits are also offered to same-sex couples.
  • 40% of executives within the company are women.
  • They also offer health referral services, proactive health assessments, have on-site fitness centers, and even exercise classes.

J&J knows the importance of a mom keeping herself in tip-top shape and I love that. I also love that they go out of their way to help a family looking to adopt or with surrogacy aid. How sweet is that? The family seems to be very important to them and I love that.


While this one may not have any outright mom-friendly benefits, I personally feel in some way or another they could be beneficial. After all, the company was started by a woman and we woman want to look and feel our best. I think in a way Julep could provide that.

  • Employees own a piece of the company through equity.
  • Paid time off which includes company holidays and even your birthday.
  • Gym membership.
  • A chance to try out the products.
  • Subsidized lunch daily, plus fresh fruit and snacks.
  • A chance to make a difference in the lives of women with Powered By Girlfriends.
  • Fun environment to work in with work/life balance.


Well, there you have it. A list of 4 companies that I feel is very mom-friendly when it comes to benefits and even accommodations. While some may disagree with my list and I have no personal experience working with these companies, I’d be happy to work for any of them should the need ever arise where I decide to work out of the home again. I know all too well the importance of working for a company that will benefit me too in the long run. Unfortunately, none of the companies I previously worked for ever offered any of these awesome benefits to me. I hope this post helps you in the long run in finding a place where you’ll feel welcome as a mom, parent, and employee. Thanks for reading!


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