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Quick And Easy Spring Cleaning Suggestions Even If You Don’t Like Cleaning

Spring is finally making an appearance and with that comes the motivation to get the cleaning done in your home, those jobs that you have been putting off, and generally getting more organized for the summer months ahead. Some people thrive off this time of year, don’t they? Proud to be cleaning and making everything sparkling and clutter free. Others can be the complete opposite and just don’t enjoy the process. But yet, I think many of us would agree, the end goal of a clean and tidy house is something we would all love to sit and relax in. So it got me thinking. I thought it was an ideal time to share with you some quick and easy suggestions to motivate and inspire even the people that don’t like cleaning. I hope it gives you the urge you need to get spring cleaning your home.

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Write a list

One of the first things I suggest is writing a list. This can be a great way to get motivated in terms of the jobs you want to do and how your home is going to look once it is finished. There’s something about a list that can just keep you on track and focused. At least with it written down, you know what you want and need to get done. To top it off, there is something quite satisfying about crossing things off when you have completed them

Make it easy on yourself

The next thing to consider would be making it easy on yourself in terms of the products that you use and the tools and your disposal. You don’t need a box full of al of the cleaning products, simple things like microfiber cloths and an antibacterial all-purpose spray would suffice for most areas in your home. A duster for certain pieces of furniture and a decent vacuum and you should be armed and ready to tackle every room in your home.

Consider speedy decluttering techniques

We all know that clutter can really add up over time, especially during the winter or when we are busy with work and life admin. So now is the ideal time to start decluttering your home for good. However, it can seem like a daunting task at first. So I would suggest breaking it down. Perhaps five minutes a day of decluttering where you walk around with a bag and start removing unwanted items. Maybe starting with one room at a time, or focusing on items you can sell online first or recyclable waste. Once you get started you won’t be able to stop yourself.

Delegate the jobs

Finally, if the house chores are overwhelming in terms of how much you have to do and the time you have to do it, don’t be afraid to delegate jobs to the family. After all, they live there to. Teenagers can tidy their own room, partners can equally take on cleaning tasks or repair jobs that need doing. Getting everyone involved will speed up the process.


I hope that this has given you some motivation to start spring cleaning in your home.


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