Beyond Brunch: Ways To Make Mother’s Day More Meaningful

Mother’s Day isn’t just about blinis and mimosas. These ways to make Mother’s Day more meaningful include some special gifts and unconventional experiences.

Clean the House and Then Leave Her Alone in It

Get your mom out of the house for several hours. Have your Dad, your siblings, or her girlfriends take her shopping or to a movie.

Then, clean until her whole house gleams and every surface is tidy and dust-free. Just don’t throw anything away, rearrange the furniture, or break anything! Then, when her car pulls in, leave an explanatory card and a vase of flowers on the dining room table and allow her to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Give a Gift That Keeps On Giving

One day a year isn’t enough time to show your mom how much she means to you. Give her a gift that will last months or longer.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes provide a fresh surprise every month for as long as a year. From Birchbox’s beauty supplies to Book of the Month Club’s literary delights, these monthly deliveries will keep her entertained and intrigued.

Share a Spa Membership With Her

Buy a spa membership and share it with her. A one-off spa coupon might gather dust, but a shared membership practically forces her to take time for self-care.

A Set of Her Favorite Book Series

If your mom is a bibliophile, gift her an entire set of her favorite book series. Whether it’s Harry Potter or Outlander, your gift will keep her entertained for months to come.

A New Laptop or Phone

Get her a new laptop or phone, and set it up so that she can just plug it in and play. Maybe she’ll finally start that blog she’s been talking about or write that book she’s always wanted to produce.


Mothers and daughters can disagree on everything from politics to fashion. But your love for each other always wins out. This Mother’s Day, get her a present that shows that even if you have different points of view, you respect her perspective. This could be anything from gifts that acknowledge her Christian faith to a ticket to a concert by her favorite band.

Making Mother’s Day meaningful isn’t rocket science. It’s about ditching the clichés and showing your mom that you know her, respect her, and love her.


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