How About Traveling To The Past For Fourth Of July?

If you are gearing up for the Fourth of July, now is the best opportunity to make the most of your period property. Period homeowners are familiar with the pros and cons of their unique property. It is a place with a special character that stands out against nowadays identikit houses. However, the period features also bring significant issues, as you ultimately become a caretaker rather than an inhabitant of the property. But, as Independence Day looms closer, it makes sense to make your home part of the celebration. Period houses are the witness of the past. So what better way to celebrate our founding fathers’ fight for freedom and the right to prosper than by walking a day in their shoes? Our beautiful United States flag offers up so much history.


Add some funky accessories

You’ve already got the property. So, you only need to carefully decorate your living room to match period living. The right accessories can transform any space, even a modern-looking room. The addition of tobacco is a nice wink to founding father, George Washington, who grew tobacco. An old pipe from a vintage shop can be the perfect display to add some personality to the room. Contrary to common belief, cigars were already a thing as they came to America in the 1760s. If you’ve got a connoisseur in the family, you can buy a quality product from Cheap Little Cigars, as the shop has got some beautiful vintage-style boxes.

Sew a cute little dress

Not everyone is an experienced seamstress. But, you’d be pleased to know that you can recreate a period dress with relatively little effort. A made-to-measure corset paired with a long skirt can give you the right look and feel. If you are feeling adventurous, you can take a look at the patterns for gentlemen’s costumes, which include a waistcoat, the traditional 1770s coast, a shirt, and breeches. You can keep it simple by focusing your attention on the waistcoat and the coat, using your own shirt and long shorts with high socks for the rest.


Explore some classic recipes

Forget the usual family barbeque. This year, you can explore some of the popular recipes of the thirteen colonies. Typical dishes in Virginia included fricassees of meats with herbs, corn porridge, and hominy with greens. New England, on the other hand, preferred seafood and pease porridge. Vegetables were grown in abundance in the northern colonies, including cabbage, carrot, turnips, parsnip, and pulses. Hunting, fishing, and fruit preserves were popular too. To keep with the fact, you should adjust your meal to the food boycotts that occurred at the same time as the American Revolution: a shift from tea to coffee, shift from spirits to wine and cider.

Create an original playlist

We may not have records from the American Revolution, but some popular songs have survived through time. The 18th century has plenty of musical pieces that reflect the mood and changes of the period. From Over the Hills and Far Away to The Escape of Old John Webb, you can still find some of these pieces online. It’s the perfect excuse to create an Independence Day original playlist!


Are you up for a challenge? Make your Fourth of July as exciting and memorable as it would have been for the founding fathers. At a time of fast-moving societies and advantages that are taken for granted, it is humbling to remind ourselves of what our ancestors have lived through to build the foundations of the American culture.


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