4 Things Your Fourth of July Party Absolutely Needs

This Fourth of July needs to be the best bash your friends and family have seen yet. The sooner you start planning, the more fun it will be. It takes a little more than good weather and fireworks to set the party off right. Here are four things your Fourth of July party absolutely needs to make this an event no one forgets.

Backyard Games

Even if you don’t host the party in your backyard, guests are going to need some backyard games. Think about all the people you plan to invite. Some of them might not know one another, and backyard games are a great way to break the ice.

Backyard games are always a great way to get a little friendly competition flowing. Pick up a game of cornhole and giant Jenga, as these are some of the best backyard games to play. Or you can always make things a little more exciting. What’s more fun than a water fight? It’s something that both adults and kids can do to stay cool and have fun.

Banging Barbecue

It’s not a Fourth of July party without some good barbecue. Good eats are the cornerstone of all good outdoor celebrations. It puts everyone in a great mood. Start off with a standard menu, and then ask for specifics. Some people may have dietary restrictions, so find out what they are.

See if anyone has any special requests and add those to the menu too, and be sure to prep your food the night before. Also, it’s best to marinate the meat overnight so that it can suck up all the seasonings. It will make the food more succulent and flavorful.

Bacteria Blockers

You didn’t invite bugs and bacteria, and you shouldn’t have to deal with them. Place some citronella candles and burning oils around the perimeter to keep the bugs at bay. As for the bacteria, that’s a simple solution.

Rent portable hand sanitizer stations for this holiday event. Guests will be running rampant, and you need to keep them protected. If there’s not a bathroom close by, these stations are the best options to eliminate the spread of harmful germs.

Beverage Blends

A cool and refreshing drink is great for all outdoor parties. July is a hot month, and you need to keep the liquids flowing so that everyone stays hydrated. Keep water inside a cooler and try out a few other drink options.

If you want to add to the fun, buy some mocktails and cocktails. This is a party, after all, and people want to celebrate. And you deserve a chance to show off your bartending skills. Look up some popular recipes and get the supplies ready to go.

Once you gather everything you absolutely need, get ready to throw the best Fourth of July party ever.


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