5 Special Creations Your Children Will Treasure


It’s always great to receive a special gift and even better when you know that thought, time, and effort has gone into it. Children might not always be the most appreciative of items but one thing they love is personalized special creations.

There are tons of personalized gifts to choose from ranging from simple toys to clothing but these may not always be as fun or appreciated by the kids.

Some of the best items available include:

  • Personalized story
  • A built bear
  • Name Art
  • Personal cake
  • Jewelry

Personal stories are very popular at the moment and building a bear is an activity even adults love to do. Putting their name in their room is a right of passage for a child and a personal cake for a special birthday makes the day even better. For older children, personalized jewelry is a great keepsake that they will treasure forever.

An Adventure All Their Own

Since ‘Lost My Name’, now ‘Wonderbly’ first appeared on Dragon’s Den in 2012 the personalized storybook business has boomed and it seems that every kid wants one. These are amazing bedtime stories that can be tailored around your child.

Alternatively, some parents choose to write stories themselves and then hire professional book illustration services to create the finished product with suitable pictures that match the adventure.

A Friend For Life

The magical art of building your own bear, made famous by the ‘Build-a-Bear’ brand is a great activity for all the family to enjoy. Not only do these workshops offer bears but they usually offer alternatives too. Build-a-Bear often has commercial tie-ins with other brands that allow you to build bears based on characters from Star Wars, Marvel and DC comics, and Harry Potter.

Of course, there are sites that offer stuffed animals with personalized branding but this might not be as fun as actually making the bear yourself.

Just In Case They Forget It

Kids love to put their name on things, especially in their bedroom and name art comes in all shapes, sizes, and styles to suit any bedroom decor. Traditional framed calligraphy is a nice touch to a baby’s room while giant colorful letters will definitely go down well with toddlers.

For older kids, personalized movie posters and artwork of their favorite superheroes or pop stars are also available.

This One’s Mine

Any birthday cake is made better when your name is on it because it basically says ‘This is mine’. Just like their bedroom or their personal story, kids love seeing their name on a birthday cake as it makes it far more personal to them.

Baking your own cakes can become a family tradition and even allowing the kids to write their own name can be great fun, and very messy.

Treasured Keepsakes

Tweens and teens alike whether boys or girls will start to notice jewelry as they get a little older. While no one is suggesting a Cartier necklace, kids will appreciate a well-crafted item of jewelry with some value to it that they can show off to their friends.

Most girls might prefer a silver inscribed necklace while boys almost always take an interest in watches.


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  1. Jen Burnley
    April 12, 2021 at 4:36 pm

    The personalized books are great – such good quality. I’ve got five and counting! The ‘go to sleep’ book is quite handy! also do a great unicorn personalized movie poster – a bit slower to deliver than wonderbly but still good

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