5 Practical Gifts for the New Driver in Your Life

Do you have a kid who’s just gotten or is about to get their driver’s license? It’s an anxiety-inducing time for many parents, but one way to help ease your mind is by offering your new driver the proper tools to stay safe on the road and during emergencies. Below, we list some practical gifts for the new driver in your life that’ll help them avoid accidents and know what to do if they occur.

Emergency Roadside Kit

Safety should always be the priority for every driver. Ensure your new driver never gets onto the road without having the essentials for an emergency with a roadside kit, whether the emergency is an accident, collision, or breakdown. Some of the basics every roadside emergency kit should have include:

  • First aid kit
  • Jumper cables or a portable battery starter
  • Tow rope
  • Blankets
  • Emergency triangles

These basic but important tools will ensure your new driver has the tools to handle almost any driving situation.

Tire Patch Kit

Along with an emergency roadside kit, a new driver should also have the tools for patching a flat or leaking tire. While drivers should know how to change a tire, patching and reinflating a busted tire is often the safer choice if you find yourself stranded on a dangerous patch of the highway. One of the benefits of tire sealant is that it repairs punctures immediately. Drivers can quickly get their car back on the road after a puncture with a portable air compressor.

Dash Cam

Dash cams are becoming commonplace for many drivers and are especially useful for new drivers. Dash cams are great for capturing memories and videos of road trips and journeys, but they also allow others to track the vehicle with built-in GPS and speed tracking. It’s also wise for parents to keep an eye on their new driver as they explore their freedom, and it’ll be a useful piece of evidence in case of an accident or collision.

Phone Mount

Parents know that one of the biggest challenges for new drivers is to get them to put down their phones and focus on driving when behind the wheel. Accidents often happen due to someone looking down at their phone while driving. A phone mount is a practical gift for the new driver in your life as it’s convenient and helps them keep their eyes forward and on the road.

Vent Air Freshener

Lastly, all parents know that teenagers are not the tidiest and most hygienic group of people. if your new driver likes to treat their car like it’s their bedroom with garbage, dirty clothes, and who knows what else strewn about, you’ll want to give them an air freshener. It won’t make them clean their car, but it will make the interior more tolerable.

Having a new driver in the family and the household can be quite nerve-wracking for us parents. But you can at least be sure they have the right tools and supplies to handle emergencies and stay safe with these practical gifts.


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