4 Reasons Why Personalized Cards Are Better Than An Email

We live in a world that has become so dependent on communicating electronically whether it be through a phone via text or sending out a quick email. While most people enjoy this fast and easy way of communicating with one another, there are still those of us out there who appreciate a thoughtful handwritten letter or card being handed to us in person or sent to us via snail mail.

Here are four reasons why personalized cards are the better option over sending an email:

Show More Effort & More Personalized

Believe it or not, not everyone finds receiving a text message or an email as a satisfying form of communication. When you are handed a handwritten letter or card, it’s a totally different experience. It’s appreciated way more and it shows that you actually put time and effort into it. A card with a special note written inside for a friend or loved one can be heart warming and result in a more genuine response. If you are having trouble writing out something special, you can always look into a handwritten letter writing service.

A Real Treat/Surprise

One thing I miss when going out to check my mail is finding surprise cards from friends or family. We have become so dependent on just sending a text message or email when it’s a special holiday or event that most of us don’t even think twice about sending cards out anymore. It’s a rare but unique treat if you receive cards via snail mail nowadays.

No Chance of Being Misinterpreted

It’s no secret that text messages and emails can be misinterpreted. I can’t even begin to count how many times someone has misconstrued something I said and it resulted in an unnecessary argument or drama. With personalized cards, you can truly connect with the recipient on a more emotional level and there’s a very low chance of them taking it in a way that it’s not meant. A card from a friend or loved one takes us out of our heads and into the mind of whomever wrote it.

Find Creative Ways To Express Our Thoughts & Feelings

Instead of sending a boring text or email with a few equally boring emojis, you can go all out with a personalized card or note by getting creative. Never be afraid to show your personality to the person whom you are writing the letter for. Grab some construction paper and cut out something special. Or consider buying a notebook with a special design in it’s background. One way I used to get creative was with black notebook paper and gel pens. Yes, you can still find these items today. Words aren’t the only way you can connect with the person for whom the letter is for. Draw a small picture on the side of the paper or as a separate piece. Sprinkle some glitter on to the letter before folding it up and putting it in an envelope. The possibilities are endless when it comes to getting creative. The more effort you put into the letter, the better and more appreciated the response will be.


There are many other reasons why you should consider sending a personalized card or note to a loved one or friend over an email. Please feel free to share other reasons that come to mind in the comments below.


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