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Hassle Free Birthday Party Ideas For Busy Mamas

Busy! That is the life of a mom, right? School runs, soccer practice, the list goes on and on! That is why so many of us are reluctant to add any more to our plates when it comes to birthdays. After all, planning and organizing a from scratch party can be a lot of hassle! Happily, there are some tactics you can use to reduce the effort involved. Read on to find what they are.

Make it a casual affair

One way to avoid a lot of the hassle of organizing and hosting a child’s birthday party is to throw a more casual get together. I’m talking firing up the grill here and asking all the attendees to bring an item for lunch.

You don’t even need to organize any game for the kids as they can play together. Although, some simple ‘minute to win it’ type activity can make it even more fun, while still not having to go over the top with themes, decorations, and party bags!


Hold it in your garden (or a park)

You don’t need a barbeque, although they can be fun.  Just set out some food and drink, put on some music and let the fun begin.  Younger children can get as active as they like without you having to worry about them breaking anything.  Older children/teens can just dance and socialize outdoors, although they may not be “too cool” for some well-chosen outdoor activities.

If the weather’s dicey then a gazebo or marquee should be enough to keep the fun going.  If you don’t have one, they can easily be hired.  With outdoor parties, the space itself can be the decoration.  That said, you can always brighten it up with balloons.  There are various balloon types including robust vinyl ones you can reuse multiple times for top party decor on a budget!

Take them to a restaurant

Another option for parents that don’t want the hassle of catering and organizing a party is to take the children to a restaurant for a meal. Some eateries even specialize in hosting parties for kids, and so offer packages to choose from.

In fact, by doing so, you can provide your child with a memorable experience, while also cutting out a great deal of the hassle and planning involved in a traditional kids’ party.

Find an entertainment venue

Of course, the ultimate way to dodge the hassle of throwing a fantastic birthday celebration for your child is to seek out a venue that offers parties that include both food and entertainment.

In fact, the advantages of doing this are numerous including not having to worry about catering the event, and knowing that the kids will have fun without having to spend time coming up with party games.

Remember too that if you find a venue that offers indoor birthday parties, you can be sure that things will go ahead no matter the weather as well. Something else that can take a lot of the stress out of planning.

Although the ultimate benefit for any stressed parent is that if you hold your child’s party at a specific venue, you won’t need to do any clearing up or cleaning where everyone has gone home. Something that means as soon as the party is over you can grab a coffee, put your feet up, and relax!

Organize a day out instead

You don’t even have to go for a traditional-style party to celebrate your child’s birthday at all. Instead, many parents offer their kids the opportunity to visit somewhere of their choosing like a theme park, the cinema, or even a historical landmark while taking just one friend.


Of course, doing things this way is a lot less hassle because you only need to supervise two kids instead of a whole group. The kids will also get a really memorable and fun day into the bargain, making this option great for parents that want to stay as clear of any birthday party hassle as possible.


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