3 Tips For Buying Gifts For Tweens

Buying gifts for tweens can be a real challenge. They have reached an age where they have accumulated plenty over the years and they are now in the in-between stage where they still like to receive fun gifts, along with a yearning to have more grown-up things. As any parent of a tween will tell you, birthdays and Christmas can be tricky! Which is why today we wanted to give you a little help with our 3 tips for buying gifts for tweens. 


Be guided by them 

If you are buying for your own child or one that you know well, then take your lead from them and be guided by them.

Some children at this age are still happily playing with dolls, action figures, and toys, so it may be that there are new products on the market that they can add to their collection. The challenge here will be that if they like toys that they liked a few years ago, the chances are that they have all that they could need by now. There’s nothing more frustrating than buying more of ‘the same’ as it can feel like a wasted gift. You might need to look for alternatives along similar lines that might suit them. 

Alternatively, some children at this age are keen to move onto gifts that are suited to teens. They might want to get their hands on the latest technology, phones, and clothes. Whilst some items might be appropriate, you might find that you are talking them down from some ideas as they might not be quite old enough for them. This will give you some ideas, though. 

Ideas beyond the toys 

If you have established that more of the same toys are not going to work this year, then you need a few fresh suggestions. 

Books are always going to work, whatever age the child is. You simply ensure that it is aimed at the right age bracket and around a topic that you feel would engage the child. 

Clothing can start to be well received at this age, particularly if they are branded with favorite characters or creatures. Some children love sparkly, others enjoy new footwear and some love cozy pajamas. 

Music, board games, stationery, and video games all tend to be solid options for most tweens and are fun and appealing.

As children move towards their teen years, they are probably also in need of a bedroom decor update. You might make your gift to them a full bedroom makeover, or perhaps elements of it such as duvet sets and accessories. 

Do your research

Once you have an idea of what they might like to receive, you need to do your research.

This might be quite wide initially, as you look to narrow down your ideas. For example, you might know that they enjoy board games so you now need to find a challenging new one for them. 

It is then worth checking top lists, best buys and customer reviews to ensure that the product is not going to disappoint. Whether you are looking for the best portable recorders for live music or a gripping new trilogy of books, there will be reviews available.

Once you have settled on the best items to buy, do shop around to ensure that you are getting the best price possible, and look out for voucher and coupon codes at the checkout. 


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  1. Bianca
    October 16, 2019 at 12:15 am

    The research part is the most important one because their like changes day by day.

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