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The Essential Guide To Teenage Bedroom Decor


If you are keen to renovate your little darling’s bedroom, the chances are that they will have a lot to say about it, especially if they are hitting their teenage years. Adolescents like to create their very own havens, and rightly so. You want your child to feel safe and happy in their own little private space within your four walls. However, the goth black walls are going to be a no. So how do you ensure that both you and your offspring achieve a bedroom decor style that you are both happy with? Read on to find out.


Being young generally means being a little more kooky and adventurous. This can be true of the color that they choose for their room. While you might be keen on white or magnolia, they might be eager to see purple, red or pink on their walls. You need to meet somewhere in the middle. The easiest way to do this is to give them one wall to do with as they please. You can have the majority of the room painted bright white to maximize the amount of light bouncing around the space. In return, they have one feature wall to paint black, to put up wallpaper or to paint a mural on. They have free rein. While it can be daunting to relinquish responsibility, you need to trust your not so little cherub to create something personal to them.


Teenagers bedrooms are not renowned for being the tidiest of living spaces. However, with your new renovation plans comes a new contract that your offspring has to sign up to. They need to be willing to keep on top of their rooms, cleaning it once a week, in return for being given the freedom to dictate a little bit of the decor. Allow them to choose the color of the carpet or the shade of the laminate. Go shopping together for new bedroom furniture and allow them to have the final say on the pieces that you buy. To begin with, a neat blank canvas, give the space a deep clean and get in the bed bug exterminator if needed. With any luck, the new and incredible room will be enough impetus for your child to keep their room clean and tidy.


Don’t create a bland sleeping area for your teenager. Allow them to personalize their space by putting up some artwork, family photographs or posters. Kids need to express themselves and their bedrooms are the perfect spaces in which to do this. If your teenager is a massive fan of a sports team, allow them to have the official duvet cover from their favorite team. If they are into their horse riding, allow them to have a collection of rosettes, cups, and prizes on display. They need to be surrounded by comforting memories of their achievements. Remember, this is your teenager’s living space, so don’t dictate what has to go where and allow them a little autonomy.


Being the parent of a teenager is never easy. However, you can empower them with a safe space to call their own by working together to create the perfect teenage bedroom decor.


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