What Is Vinyl Fabric Used for When Crafting?

One of the best things about crafting is that there is always some way to innovate or do a task more efficiently. Sometimes it’s as simple as trying a new method to improve your craft. For example, when crafting with vinyl fabric, you can use it to create something new or enhance another project—it improves on fabrics where other materials cannot.

The Different Types of Vinyl Fabric

Vinyl comes in many different varieties. For example, you have permanent adhesive vinyl, or Oracl 631, which is mostly used for application on things like jerseys and clothing. You might see decals and images made with vinyl on a T-shirt as emblems or icons. You can apply these with heat transfer vinyl or iron-on vinyl. 

What You Can Create With Vinyl

When crafting, you will typically see vinyl applied with machines like a Cricut or silhouette cameo machine to customize different things, such as clothing items. You can stencil with these machines or make graphics and logos to fit any fabric that you can imagine. This is perfect for monogramming kids’ clothing, costumes, uniforms, and more—you name it. If you want to try your own vinyl craft, you can support your kid’s athletic teams by customizing their jerseys.

Protective Clothing for Specific Jobs

You can also use vinyl to craft weatherproof clothing such as jackets and ponchos or even custom uniforms. Firefighter uniforms and other work uniforms, like construction ones, must be made of vinyl to help keep workers protected in environments where regular fabric might be unsafe to wear. Vinyl might not be the ideal fabric for heat resistance, but it can serve as a reflector and a thick, strong barrier to withstand the wear of those hard jobs. 

As you can see, the vinyl fabric used for crafting can take many forms and do many things. It’s a unique material that has yet to be replaced. 


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