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5 Super Fun Scrapbooking Ideas For Teens

I remember when I was a pre-teen/teen, I ended up becoming really creative. I would draw pictures, create my own little picture books, and even got into scrapbooking for a bit. Now that I have two girls of my own, I enjoy doing these special types of projects with them, especially scrapbooking.

Grab your scrapbooking supplies and let me share with you 5 super fun scrapbooking ideas that you can create with your teen or have them create on their own:

Picture Album

This is always a go-to. If you have a teen who loves taking pictures, this is the perfect project for them. Some ideas of picture albums are a special vacation they went on, a book full of pictures with friends, or even just an album based around their school years – from elementary school, middle school, high school, prom, and even graduation. The possibilities are endless with a picture album.

Inspo Album

This one I haven’t heard of very often. With an inspo album (inspirational album), it gives your child the opportunity to jam pack a scrapbook album full of quotes that they love and that keep them going. This especially applies if you have a child who has been through or is currently going through depression.

Not sure where to start with motivational quotes for this type of album? Consider using sites that offer digital files such as svg cuts.

Travel Album

This one is a bit different. Instead of the normal pictures from trips or vacations, offer up the idea to your teen to start collecting brochures or postcards. To have these coincide with the pictures makes for a great memory book for many years to come.

Sticker Album

My youngest LOVES stickers! She has been collecting them since she was 2, even the ones she would get from the doctors’ office when her visits went well. If you have a teen who loves stickers, what better way to keep them safe and display them than in a scrapbook? Consider a themed sticker book and go from there. If your teen loves mermaids, look for mermaid svg digital files.

Fashion Album

I remember a time during my teenage years where I would buy magazines just to look at the fashion section. At one point in time, I wanted to be a fashion designer. Have your teen create her own little fashion design album from old (or new) magazines. See what kind of creative ideas she can come up with. It could end up becoming a passion or just an album to look back on and see how far fashion has come since she was a teen. All in all, I think it’s probably the most creative idea mentioned in my list.

Family History Book

Here’s another scrapbook idea that comes in a different flavor. With the advent of DNA tests and ancestry websites like Genealogy Bank, teens have been learning more and more about the origins of their family. And some have taken that and created books of family history. Using cutouts of newspaper articles or obituaries, birth certificates, and of course any photos they had hiding in the attic. It’s a neat little idea for your little historian in the making, not to mention it can be added to as time goes on and more generations are added to the family line.


So there you have it! I hope you have enjoyed my list of scrapbooking ideas for teens. You can teach kids to scrapbook at almost any age and the theme ideas out there are endless. There’s no time like the present to promote the value of learning to scrapbook to the teen in your life. Who knows. She could thank you later or it could be a great time to connect with her. 🙂


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