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Useful Gift Ideas For New Moms

If you have friends that are becoming a mom for the first time, then it can be such a fun time that is full of joy. You might be thinking of throwing a baby shower for them, or simply looking forward to new baby cuddles and that delightful newborn baby smell (seriously, how do we bottle that thing up)? But it can also be a time for gifts, for mom and for baby. And as much as we may like buying but little baby booties, it can be a good idea to get your friend, a new mom, some gifts of her own. Life completely changes, so some helpful gifts can get her through those early sleep-deprived days.

So here are some ideas to get some new moms, what would be your favorite?


Gift Basket

A gift basket full of some of their favorite things can be a great idea. From a magazine to read when nursing, to their favorite candy bar, are all good ideas. You could even look to get a luxury spa gift basket to let her pamper herself when she feels she is able. Hampers or gift baskets can be fun, fit a variety of budgets, and you can really personalize them.

New Jammies

A lot of the early days are going to be spent in jammies. So what is better than a nice new pair for her to wear? People will be coming round to see her and the baby, so a new pair to change into, that aren’t dirty, or old and tatty, is always a good idea. Always go for baggy, it is a much better idea for a new mom as their body will be changing each day.


If you prefer to give the gift of something a little more practical, then being able to get them some meals made up to put in the fridge or freezer is a great idea. As much as they may want to get into a routine with their new baby, new babies aren’t always as cooperative as we might hope. So having some meals that are ready to go can be a godsend.

Favorite Tipple

If you have a friend that quite likes a drink, but has obviously not had any for the pregnancy duration, then she may be really getting ready for a drink. Choosing her favorite bottle of something wrapped up in a bow can be just what she needs for a little pick-me-up when the baby is in bed.

Makeup and Nail Varnish

Being a mom doesn’t mean you should stop being yourself. And if your friend liked to look her best beforehand, then chances are she will still want to afterward too. It can be surprising how much a new mascara or getting your fingernails painted a different color can do for someone that is running on very little sleep. It might not be for everyone, but you will know best if that new momma would appreciate it or not.


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