Things Your Teen Needs To Know About Driving

Congratulations on surviving the diapers and temper tantrums! Before you pat yourself on the back, you must embrace the next parenting chapter: teaching your teen to drive.

So buckle up, parents, and explore some essential things your teen needs to know about driving. Help them make their asphalt adventures as safe and smooth as possible.

Safe Driving Should Be Their Middle Name

Take the time to teach your teen about the common causes of car accidents and how to prevent them. Encourage them to research and develop their own safe driving habits, like keeping a safe distance from other cars, signaling long before turns, and keeping distractions to a minimum (looking at you, Instagram).

Yellow Lights Aren’t a Race to the Finish

You might be familiar with this moment—the traffic light turns yellow, and suddenly your teen thinks they’re in the Fast & Furious franchise. Remind them that the purpose of a yellow light is to prepare a driver to stop, not to speed through the intersection. It’s crucial for your teen to keep a cool head, judge the distance, and hit the brakes if needed; speeding up may put innocent lives at risk.

Emotionally Charged Driving Is a Trap

Every driver has bad days. A fight with a friend or a rough night of homework can make the seat of a car feel like an emotional pressure cooker. Teach your teen to take a moment to calm down and clear their mind before they start the engine. Emotions can cloud judgment and create distractions, which is a dangerous mix behind the wheel.

The Blinker’s There for a Reason

This seemingly small and straightforward tip is often ignored, even by experienced drivers. Make sure your teenager understands the importance of using turn signals. Signaling lets other drivers know about their intentions, which can drastically reduce the risk of accidents. The roads will be a better place when everyone uses their blinkers.

Teach your teen these essential things they need to know about driving, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that they’re equipped with the knowledge and skills to navigate the roads. As they gain more experience behind the wheel, continue to remind them of these important tips and encourage them to always prioritize safety. With your guidance and support, your teen will become a responsible and confident driver in no time.


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