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The Most Relaxing Bedroom


The bedroom should always be a place of true tranquility, but it can often be an absolute dump site for some people. Not that that’s a bad thing, sometimes life is just too busy and leaving clothes off the floor for a while is much easier than hanging them or figuring out what washing pile to go in. But we’re here to try and put a stop to this. We want to help you create the most relaxing bedroom there is. It isn’t hard to do, and with a few little tweaks to your normal style, you’ll be in heaven once more. For the purpose of this article, we’re going to go fresh and earthy…

The Right Bed

The right bed plays a bit part in how happy you actually are in your room. It’s the one thing you can sink down into at the end of the night and breathe a sigh of relief as all of your troubles from the day begin to wash away. So what do you need? The best mattress possible that’s going to suit your sleeping pattern and the posture of your body. Some mattresses just don’t suit certain types of people, it can lead to a really uncomfortable sleep! The memory foam mattress recommendation by dormreports does suggest that it might be the best mattress for you to go for. Memory foam works by molding to the shape of your body, hence making it the best mattress possible for you. Some people find memory foam a bit too firm, but you can now get different types that will allow you to find optimum comfort. There is always the option of spring mattresses and other types that might suit you even better. As for the bed frame, we’re going to suggest a nice fresh white one. That can either be a solid one or cushion, it’s up to you. But as long as the mainframe is white, that’s all that matters.

The Right Colors

For that bright and earthy look, white and green are the colors you should be going for. So, white walls apart from one feature wall. On that feature wall you can either get a tropical green wallpaper, or paint it one block color of green, but a more darker plant green than a bright one. For the dressing table you should look to go white again, and for the curtains, you should try and go a white with the same type of green as a pattern. Always make sure you’re using a blackout blind behind the curtain to ensure you get the best nights sleep.

The Right Accessories

Bedroom plants and houseplants are essential. Lining that beautiful white dressing table you could have three or four indoor green plants going along it. The corner of the room could be home to a bigger indoor plant to really set the room off. Make sure the bedding is a nice white with that darker green color. Accessorise with darker green pillows and maybe the odd white one. For finishing touches, cute silver ornaments such as Buddhas will look lovely. You’ve now got yourself a really cute earth vibe filled room!


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  1. Alisya
    April 12, 2018 at 6:32 am

    The idea of feature wall is awesome! I’ve always thought that my bedroom walls are too plain, a feature wall with a different color might just do the trick. I’m looking at either light green or sky blue. Any thoughts on using sky blue as feature wall color?

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