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You Have The Bedroom Of Your Dreams, So Why Can’t You Sleep?

By this stage, we’re all aware of how crucial good sleep is for health and happiness. There’s information everywhere about the importance of getting enough kip. Even without that, most of us can sense a difference when we don’t get the amount we need. Hence why we focus on changing our bedtime routines and stocking up on essential items from our bedroom wishlists. All the better for waking refreshed.

Sometimes, though, you may wake feeling groggy, even once you have the bedroom of dreams. And, that can leave you worrying where the problem lies. If you’re concerned, it might be worth visiting a doctor. There’s no denying that medical issues are sometimes the cause of sleep trouble. But, if you get the all clear, consider whether the problem is at home, just not in the room you’re expecting. In truth, there are many things in your house which could be causing your troubles. To help you get to the bottom of them, we’re going to look at some common culprits.

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The wrong temperature

 Never underestimate how crucial temperature is. Whether you’re too hot, or too cold, it’s sure to stop you from getting the rest you need. Obviously, wearing pajamas can go a considerable way towards overcoming cold. And, sleeping with only a sheet can stop you overheating. But, there are easier ways to deal with this. Instead of looking at your bedroom, consider the temperature of your house as a whole. If your boiler isn’t working, for instance, it should be no surprise that you’re cold in bed, too. Instead of piling on the layers and overheating later, call a company like and fix the issue fast. Equally, if you get too hot when the heating comes on, consider turning it down, or altering the time it kicks in. Either way, your sleeping self is sure to thank you for your efforts.

The light coming from your landing

 You bought the blackout blinds, and still, you can’t sleep because of the light. What’s the deal? In truth, it’s worth thinking about how much light comes from your landing. Given how dark your room is, any light seeping in is sure to appear all the more vibrant. If you leave the landing light on, you should stop that for a start. How can you sleep with that blaring under your door? Even if you don’t, a brightly painted landing could light up your room the moment the sun rises. To make sure it doesn’t happen, invest in a draft excluder to stick under your door. Either that or treat yourself to a sleep mask to keep you snoozing.

Things go bump in the night

 All houses make noises, and these could also prove problematic. The hum of your fridge or the creek of your pipes may be the sources of your issues. To get past this, invest in earbuds like those found at, or get into the habit of playing white noise to block out the sounds.


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