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The 5 Step Guide For Walking Through Life With Confidence

There are millions across the globe that are suffering from a crisis of confidence. With social media, interconnectivity, and the feeling that everything we do is judged by those around us, figuring out how to walk tall and proud can be a difficult task. But it only seems difficult; confidence is something we can all acquire. It just won’t come naturally, is all; we have to work towards it actively. Below, we outline a five-step guide which will have on the right path towards happiness.


Big Yourself Up

Most of us have an incorrect view of ourselves. Because we’re prone to comparing ourselves to others, we very often sell ourselves short. We ignore all of our good qualities and instead focus on what we don’t have. As such, the first step for growing in confidence is to, well, to give ourselves a few compliments. Everyone is special in their own way! Take an objective look at yourself, and be grateful for the attributes you have. There’s very likely something in your repertoire that other people admire, but since most people don’t give compliments to other people, you might not even realize that you possess them. Let’s change that.


With the all the beautiful models on the big screen and in adverts, it’s not unusual that people can sometimes feel a bit down about how they look. But your appearance isn’t something you have just to accept; you can do things about it. Begin by dressing well, and making sure you’re taking care of your hair and teeth. If you have a more pressing concern that’s holding you back, then take a look at fixing the issue by receiving treatment by a doctor like Dr. Glicksman. When we feel good with how we look, it’s much easier to stride forth into society with confidence.

Change Your Thinking

Everyone has that inner critic that seems intent on bringing us down. But they’re just thoughts, and thoughts can be changed. Take steps to silence that negative inner voice, and replace with someone that pushes you forward into the right way. There’s a fairly straightforward way to do this, too: talk to yourself as if you were talking to a friend, giving positive reinforcement and ignoring the doubts that run through your mind and derail your progress.

Set a Target

We grow in confidence by achieving the things that we set out to do. If you haven’t been challenged in a while, then create a challenge for yourself. It doesn’t even have to be anything big; learning a new skill, or meeting new people, for example, just takes a bit of time and an ounce of effort.

Know That Everyone Else Is Bluffing Too

Finally, keep in mind that no-one has the key for confidence. Everyone has doubts! If you understand that even those people that appear really confidence might be bluffing a little bit, you’ll be less likely to be too harsh on yourself. If in doubt, fake it until you make it!


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