Surefire Ways To Turn Off Potential Home Buyers

If you’re selling your home, then you need to make sure it’s properly prepared and presented. You may know that your home is a steal or a great buy, but if it isn’t properly presented to potential buyers, they’re not going to get the right vibe from your home. Presenting your home is all about creating those good feelings in a potential buyer, and allowing them to imagine what life might be like in the home should they buy it. If you can help them to do that, then you’re onto a winner!

However, this post isn’t going to focus on ways you can present your home. We’re going to talk about the surefire ways you can turn off potential home buyers. So many people who want to sell up do this without even realizing it! Read on if you want to find out the surefire ways to turn off potential home buyers:

Dirt And Grime

It doesn’t matter how great your home is or how many renovations you’ve had over the last few years; if it’s covered in a thick layer of dirt and grime, you’re going to end up struggling to sell it. Giving the place a deep clean before you sell is a good idea.


Bad Odors

You may be something known as ‘nose blind’, especially if you have pets or there’s a smoker in your home. This means you can’t smell what others can smell upon entering your home. You’re going to need somebody who will be honest with you to tell you what your home smells like, and then work hard to get rid of any lingering scents. A smelly dog might not be a problem to you, but it will put others off buying.


Some people do like wallpaper, but for most buyers, it’s a hassle to remove. You’re simply giving them another job to do if they buy your home.


If you haven’t taken care of any obvious repairs, this is going to be hugely off-putting for potential buyers. Even if the repairs are small, you should see to them before they have a chance to put buyers off your home.

A Poorly Presented Exterior

The exterior of your home matters just as much as the interior of your home. In some cases, spending a little on an exterior renovation will be worth it when you consider the return you could get. Having strong, insulated siding from a place like WildwoodRoof.com could be a nice bonus for somebody looking to buy your house. Having a dirty exterior that clearly hasn’t been touched in some time will put buyers off in a flash.

Too Many Personal Items

When buyers see your personal items, it becomes almost impossible for them to see themselves living in the property. They just see you. You might think that they are harmless, but you’re stopping the potential buyer from imagining themselves in the property!



Clutter is a no-go, even if you put it all in your storage areas of the home. Buyers will want to see cleared out storage areas so they get an idea of how much space they have to play with. Put your things into storage if you have to.


Carpet is another turn-off, mainly because of the dirt and allergens it can hold. Getting rid before viewing will be a better idea and give your home more appeal.

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  1. marissa c
    December 12, 2017 at 10:27 am

    This is a great list for getting started selling our house. I already had some ideas of what needed done but I know there are some areas we are lacking.

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