4 Home Repairs You Shouldn’t Put Off

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Currently, in the US, 1 in 4 homes are in serious need of repair, and the average home needs over $3,000 worth of repairs and maintenance carried out. Does this sound familiar? Are you putting off repairs due to a lack of funds or an inability to find the right contractor to carry out the work?

The number one reason for homes falling into disrepair is a lack of funds; however, many homeowners admit that the majority of the work they are neglecting to have carried out is relatively cosmetic, with only 23% of homeowners surveyed saying that they are putting off serious repairs.

This brings us nicely to the point of this post. Serious repairs can put your life and your home at risk, as well as that of anyone living at the property with you, be it in your residence or the same building, not to mention impact your neighbors too, depending on the world you are dying carrying out.

Putting off painting your bedroom, for example, or updating your kitchen cabinets isn’t likely going to impact your quality of life too much, but living in a house that is dangerous or not fit for purpose is a different matter.

These repairs are some of the ones you shouldn’t neglect and have rectified as soon as possible to ensure that your home is safe and you are not putting anyone at risk.


If you don’t actually think about your HVAC system until it breaks down, then you need to change this. If you rely heavily on your system to help you regulate the temperature in your home, then as a minimum, you need to be maintaining the unit, vents, and filters to ensure nothing is building up that will impact its ability to get the job done.

Most technicians will recommend an annual or two-year service to maintain your HVAC and ensure it is operating correctly. But if you hear any new noises, notice a reduction in efficiency, detect any odors when in use, or anything different at all, you need to get an hvac repair with an experienced service provider like Hooley Heating & Air Conditioning to get it fixed before any more damage is caused.

Gutters and Roofing

Again, your roof and gutters will likely not pop into your mind until there is a problem, by which point it would be too late to stop any damage or avoid potential disaster.

Experts suggest that twice a year, in the spring and fall, you clear your gutters from dirt and debris buildup and give them a quick inspection while doing so. Check that water is running off where it should be; if you notice this isn’t the case between your checks, address it immediately.

Don’t waste time, as water not being directed to the drain can lead to saturated ground, which can impact your foundations as well as damage your roof nad walls too. Get to the root of the issue and clear away anything clogging the gutters, or identify breaks or cracks and have them repaired or replaced as necessary.

The same goes for your roof; you need to be inspecting it regularly but at least twice per year in the fall and spring. If you notice a blocked gutter due to roof materials building up, you have an issue. Increased drafts in your home, water running down walls, or noise from the attic can all be indicators that something is amiss with the structural integrity of your roof, and you need to check it out ASAP.

You might be able to spot the issue by visually inspecting the roof from ground level, or you might need to access it directly to find the source of the problem. If you don’t have the ladders or safety equipment to access your roof, then calling in expert roofers can help you get your roof the once-over it needs and allow you to complete any repairs.

Small Leaks

A small leaky tap might not seem like a major deal, but any leaks should be addressed immediately. It doesn’t matter where it is coming from, but if you notice that all too familiar drip drip of a faucet that won’t run off or a toilet that is leaking, then don’t leave it. Water can cause massive problems within the home when it is in places it should be, especially around electricity.

If left unchecked, water can cause mold, rotting wood, and more extensive damage that you can’t see, and it can cost a lot to correct. So pay attention to your plumbing, check for any signs of water being where it shouldn’t be, and get any leaks fixed as soon as possible.

Beyond leaks, you should also prioritize work such as crawl space encapsulation in Phoenix, AZ (or wherever is local to you) to further prevent the spread of mold and rot, stop water damage, and ensure the stability of your property, as the moisture from the ground can be just as bad as a leaky pipe for causing damage to your home. By preventatively tackling leaks and weaknesses caused by your crawl space, you can protect both your health and your home from future expensive repairs and restoration.

Foundation Cracks

Your home needs a stable foundation, but over time, the land on which your home is built can shift for a multitude of reasons, and this can cause damage to your foundations. This is also true when the home hasn’t been constructed properly, or previous issues have not been correctly addressed.

But how do you identify foundation cracks? There are some telltale signs that the building under your feet isn’t quite as stable as it once was, and these include uneven floors, cracked tiles, sticking doors, diagonal wall cracks, drywall cracks, and chimney separation, to name a few.

Unlike general cracks in drywall, foundation wall cracks will be diagonal, typically bigger at one end than the other and wider than 3/16 of an inch. If you notice any crack resembling this or any other issues associated with a change in your home foundation, you need to call a structural engineer to assess the damage and provide you with your next step to make your home safe to live in again.

Your home can experience many issues during its lifetime, and as a homeowner, being able to carry out the repairs when needed is essential to your quality of life. However, the repairs mentioned in this post shouldn’t be overlooked and left until you get around to them. They need to be taken care of immediately to avoid putting your house and those living in it at more risk.


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