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Spring Cleaning To Boost Your Curb Appeal


Spring is well and truly upon us and with the warmer weather, it does feel like people are coming out of hibernation. Which is kind of how the idea of spring cleaning came about; after a winter spent shut indoors to keep out the chill and not going out so much, houses would reopen in the spring and have last season’s dust swept away and let fresh air in. And a lot of people keep up with the idea of spring cleaning – just not so centered around the inside of the house. No, spring has now become the season to refresh the outer parts, giving your home a facelift and some much needed TLC. The idea of curb appeal might be something you have heard about when discussing selling a home – it simply means making the home attractive on the outside to impress passers-by. But curb appeal can simply be for your own benefit too.


Your garden can say a lot about your home and can have a huge impact on how the house is perceived. Early spring is the perfect time to get the garden prepped and ready by breaking up the old soil, taking out stones and debris, and digging out the plants that didn’t survive the winter. You can also work on any garden furniture you have that might need mending or repainting after being stored or left to the elements over the last few months. When it comes time for planting, use a mix of flowers and shrubs that will bloom through spring and summer – that way you just have to tend the garden rather than completely replant it again.


When it comes the outside of the house itself, it might be in dire need of a lick of paint. Not all houses are painting, but if yours is then you will be surprised at how dull and faded paint becomes over a couple of years, and at how uplifting a fresh layer of paint can be. If not the whole house, you might just need to think about the gutters and window ledges – providing they aren’t PVC – as well as having rain pipes and gutters cleaned out.


The weather can wreak havoc on a house – particularly with the storms that have been occurring over the last season, and one part of the house that suffers the most is the roof. Not only can tiles become loose, but the exposed weaknesses let in the cold and the heat out, allow damp to creep in and can even turn into a hole. Any of those outcomes can weaken the structure of the house so you will need to look at an evaluation and the fixing or replacing of your roof – you can see price estimates in this link. If you rent your property, it’s your landlord’s responsibility to ensure the living conditions of the house are of a high standard – and a damp house because of a hole in the roof isn’t that. So they should endeavor to get it sorted quickly.


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