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Sage Advice For Working Moms To Be

Pregnancy has always been tough. But with many women trying to hold down a career as well as raise a family, it can be an even more difficult experience these days than it ever has been. However, there are a few things you can do if you want to manage your pregnancy while working and ensure you are as comfortable as possible from the moment you know you are expecting to the day you leave for your maternity period. Let’s take a look at some of your options.

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Telling Your Boss

It’s up to you when you tell your employer you are expecting a baby. And for many women, the need to wait for a few months until the first scan has delivered positive news is understandable. However, bear in mind that, often, issues like morning sickness are at their worst during the first trimester, and it might be necessary to tell your employer at an early stage.

If you are working in an environment that exposes you to hazardous materials, or lots of travel on planes, it’s probably best to share your news sooner rather than later, too. In short, don’t rush it when it comes to telling your boss – unless you have to.

Coping With Symptoms

If you haven’t been pregnant before, you might be surprised at how much it affects you. A lot of women suffer from morning sickness, and while many claim the second trimester is often the best period, by the time you get to the six-month mark, you will be starting to feel extremely uncomfortable.

For nausea, make sure that you always have a change of clothes, some paper towels and mouthwash on your person in the event you are sick. For general comfort, dress in elasticated maternity clothes as soon as you need to – and look for options specific to your job role. For example, our catalog recommendations for people working in healthcare include places like WonderWinks. And office workers might pick up some smart, stylish but incredibly comfortable maternity wear from somewhere like

Finally, if you are struggling with ‘pregnancy brain,’ try organizing your day in a better way. Do your most challenging tasks first thing in the morning, and always take notes and make cheat sheets. And say no to requests if you need to – it’s OK to focus on the basics.

Planning for maternity

If working while pregnant isn’t enough on your plate, you also have to deal with maternity planning. It can be tough for some people – almost 40 percent of the American workforce is not eligible for the mandated parental leave of 12 weeks. It’s vital that you speak to HR about what you can get as early as possible, as it can make things financially difficult.


Try to start putting money aside as early as possible – you have 8-9 months to plan for your maternity financially, and the more you save, the more time you will have with your new arrival! Good luck with the pregnancy – and congratulations!

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