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Tables were first used by the Greeks and then the Romans and have since become a staple piece of furniture for virtually every home in the western world. Although people in many Asian countries do not utilize a table in the same way as their western equivalents, they are still used as pieces of furniture.

Finding the perfect solid wood side tables to furnish a period property, for example, can be a little tricky, especially if you are not quite sure what you are looking for. Looking in a long-established antique shop or on a highly regarded antique website is a good place to start.

You will probably begin your search or find inspiration using the internet. There are many high-quality antique dealers online, one of which is, a UK-based antique specialist offering a wide variety of authentic antiques including tables that would complement any period property. In fact, the biggest problem you’re likely to have when searching for a high-quality antique table is selecting the right style for your home. Please see below for a few examples of the types of antique tables available and see if any would suit your home’s existing décor and

Types of Antique Tables

Please note, the examples mentioned below are just a very small selection of the antique tables that you can adorn your home with. If you know what you want, ask your antique specialist and provide photos if possible.

Kang Table

Originating in China, this low-slung rectangle-shaped table was styled with either claw or paw feet and can be used as a coffee table or accent piece. Antique Kang Tables do become available from time to time and if you do have your heart set on one of these ornate pieces, be sure to give your antique dealer plenty of notice.


Pedestal Table

Originating in England in the 1700s, this table supported by one column were typically used as foyer centerpieces. Over time they have been repurposed as dining room tables. If you are interested in this type of table, Google Images is your friend.

Tea Table

This classic English table first became popular in the 18th century and was used for parlor-based afternoon tea presentations. In contemporary society, they are generally used as a side table next to the settee or armchair. Some good antique examples of this piece of furniture can be found in both physical antique shops and online.


Trestle Table

This particular type of table needs no introduction and is generally a fixture on most TV period dramas. These tables are particularly useful for large family gatherings but due to their size, you will probably need a larger than average dining area.

As previously mentioned, there are a whole host of other antique tables available from leading antique dealers. These include but are not limited to:

  • Gate Leg Tables
  • Drop Leave Tables
  • Pembroke Tables
  • Pie Crust Tables

If any of the aforementioned antique style tables would look good in your home, be sure to let your local or online antique dealer know so they can acquire what you are looking for.


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