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How To Frame Art Prints Without Breaking The Bank

Ordering and framing custom art prints or photographs can be an expensive investment for anyone. Custom framing is an especially expensive service, which not all home decorators want to pay for. Keep reading to discover some smart shopping and ordering tips if you’re looking for ways to hang your favorite art prints without breaking the bank.

Select a Pre-Made Frame

Unless you’re trying to frame an exceptionally large or uniquely-sized art piece, you can usually get away with buying pre-made frames for your prints. Pre-made frames are much cheaper than the specialty ones you select during the customization process.

One way to help ensure you can choose a pre-made frame for your work is to consider the sizing when you order your prints. Choose a standard sizing for your art prints or photographs that most pre-made frames support. For example, 4×6, 8×10, and some larger variations are common framing ratios that you can find at your local craft or home goods store.

Disassemble Existing Frames

You may need to broaden your search if you’re still having trouble finding the right frame for your piece out of pre-made options. For example, consider looking for framed artwork in the size you need at your nearest home goods or general store. You could even check your local thrift store for pre-framed artwork. Once you find the right style and frame size, you’ll need to disassemble the frame to take out the base artwork. Some framed pieces aren’t intended for removal, but with the right tools, you can create the ideal frame. Use pliers or a screwdriver to remove the backing from the print, save the mat, and place your art print inside. Once you reassemble the backing, it will look like your print was always there.

Choose Canvas Printing

One of the benefits of choosing canvas over framed prints is that you can save money on custom framing costs. Many canvas-wrapped prints come with hooks attached and are ready to hang on your wall—no frame necessary. Canvas prints do come at a slightly higher upfront cost, but choosing this printing style can help you save overall on hanging and framing costs.

Now that you know how to frame art prints without breaking the bank, you can use these framing tips and techniques around your home. Fill your space with beautiful focal art, photographs of your family, and other personal touches that make the place yours.


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