How To Get Your Kids To Fall In Love With Camping

Camping is a great way to bond with your kids and show them all the wonders and beauty of the world. You expose them to a new world, even if it’s only for a few days, and the moments you share together will be ones you both keep with you forever.

You want them to appreciate the experiences as much as you do, so here are a few ways to get your kids to fall in love with camping.

Start Young

Taking them camping for the first time young will be easier than when they’re teenagers. Adjusting to camp life as a young child is easier because they won’t have too many reservations about the idea. The sooner you introduce it to their lives, the more it becomes a part of their routine.

They’ll start anticipating that time of year when you all go on your regular camping trip. There’s no age limit or requirement for camping, so you can start your kids as young as you want. Eventually, it will become a part of their DNA.

Include Everyone

Kids are more interested in activities and plans when they feel like they played a part in creating them. When you start prepping and planning for the trip, sit down with them and ask for their input. They’ll get excited to execute their plans.

Plus, you don’t have to think too hard about what you think they’ll find fun. Go straight to the source so that they feel important and essential to the trip. Discuss the activities they want to do and what food they want to eat.

Have them pack their own clothes and share some of your past camping experiences to entice them even more. Feel free to exaggerate a bit to get their blood pumping.

Make It Comfortable

Sleeping outside when camping is a given, but that doesn’t mean things need to be uncomfortable. Avoid miserable conditions by keeping a close eye on the weather to track any storms leading up to the trip. When kids get uncomfortable, everything will feel miserable.

Bring along adequate supplies and equipment so that no one suffers through a bad night’s sleep. For example, rooftop tents are good for small families. Pack plenty of food and water because you can never have too much. Extra toiletries are also preferable.

Bring Friends

Invite their friends or other family members close to their age. Camping with family and friends is almost more fun than they can handle. Ask them if they have a friend or two who would like to come along and share in the fun.

Include the parents, too, so everyone is comfortable. And let’s be honest; it will be nice to have some extra help so that you don’t feel outnumbered.

Getting your kids to fall in love with camping will be no problem when you’re following these suggestions.


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