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5 Ways To Create A Relaxing Backyard Oasis


There are a million cliches about what constitutes a happy home, but we know the truth: it’s having a backyard oasis to slip into the second you get home (via saying hi to the kids and pouring yourself a glass of white wine). It’s having a safe-haven you can quickly step into when you need a calming cuddle from mother nature. After all, life’s not exactly a stress-free place to be.

In fact, it’s pretty messy and chaotic. As much as we get a kick out of the hysteria and constant surprises, spending your days commuting, rushing around after your kids, dealing with micromanaging bosses and coworkers that rolled out of bed on the wrong side can really start to take its toll. That’s why you need to transform your backyard into a magical place that will help you recharge the batteries faster than you can say, “Oooh, that’s better.”

So, without further ado, here are our top tips for creating an escape just the other side of your back door. What could be better?

Beautiful Lighting Is Life

In the same way, stringing up some pretty fairy lights in your home gives it that intimate feeling of being a cozy nook, the same thing will happen to your backyard when you hang a stretch of romantic lighting from the corner of your home to the branches on your trees and back again. It’s instantly calming.

Welcome Your Wildlife

If you’ve ever seen Snow White, you’ll know just how happy wildlife can make you, the soft hum of birds flapping their wings and the gentle buzz of bees collecting pollen. It’s the little things in life, and it’s also the little things that can usher in this type of scene. It’s having a patch of wildflowers, a stash of bird feeders and a birdbath, all of which says: nature, come in and have fun.

Scenic Waters

If you happen to be so lucky as to have a lake or any small body of water in your backyard then consider adding a dock or deck. With a dock, you have the option to sit by the water to fish or hang out with friends. It also gives you the option to buy a boat so you can anchor it there. Consider Decks & Docks Lumber Company for either of these options.

Make Your Lawn Lush

The centerpiece of every garden is that patch of grass that everything else borders. That’s why you need to do all you can to keep that lawn of yours looking lusher than a thick shag pile rug. That means looking into which professional irrigation systems will suit your needs, setting the deck on your mower high and calling in a lawn care specialist to do a little bit of aeration. Trust us, it will make your garden absolutely dazzle from your patio perch.

Fire It Up

Gardens are best enjoyed when the sun is sitting high in the sky, the soft wisps of barbecue smoke drifting in the air and the sound of kids playing a game that originated in their imaginations. But it shouldn’t be exclusive to this time, which is why you should add a fire pit to some quiet corner of your yard. Somewhere you can relax with friends and family long after the sun has said goodnight. You could even wrap some bananas up in foil, toss them on the hot coals and enjoy a fire pit dessert if you so fancy.


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