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The Home and Garden Projects That Are Perfect For Summer

Now that the weather is turning to sunny and glorious, thoughts of summer and what to do could be filling your mind. After all, it can take some planning. With the dry weather, it means you’re more likely to be outside, so it makes it the perfect time to sort some projects out in the yard, as well as in the house. And depending on the ages of your children, they could even help you with it all when school is out for summer. So here are some projects that you could get planning for, so that you can save money and set aside the time to do them over summer. It would be great to hear what you’ve got planned!


Plant a Herb Garden

Being outdoors and actually getting your children to be outdoors and growing things can be a really good idea. And one of the easiest things to grow out there is herbs. You could buy a planter or fashion ones out of things that you already have (think old rain boots or an old cart or wagon). Get planting and remember to water them often. You could also think about building a custom herb border with wooden pallets if you’re feeling creative.

Check Water Heater

Though you are unlikely to have the need of heating over summer, you’ll still be using it to heat water for baths and showers. But as it is being used less often, summer can be a great time to have a service or look into water heater repair. The reason being is that you less likely to need the boiler while it is being replaced, but there will also be less demand for technicians during this period. So it allows it be sorted and in place before the busy and cold winter period comes along.

Reframe Windows

No doubt in summer you have windows open and the curtains or blinds open so that plenty of light can be let into the room. Which is why summer can be a good time to think about reframing the windows and giving them a little update. From painting the window sills if they are looking a little worn, to adding shutters on the outside or material like tulle or organza to frame the windows if you normally only have blinds. It can soften the look of the room and make it look much more appealing.

Jet Wash Patio and Driveway

If you want to get rid of the dirt and grime that has gathered over winter and now spring, then getting the jet washer out is going to be a massive help to you. It can just mean an afternoon outside and the grime will be lifted; it can make the areas look like new. So to freshen things up, make them cleaner, and brighter, then jet washing is a great idea. Hopefully, someone local to you has a jet washer that you could just borrow, rather than needing to go out and get your own.


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