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How to Feel Good on Your Period

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We ladies have it tough. Each month, our bodies go completely haywire and we find ourselves feeling tired, over emotional and spotty. As if it wasn’t enough that we are dashing to the loo every five minutes, aches and pains are commonplace with many women feeling utterly helpless.

However terrible your periods make you feel, there are some things you can do to make yourself feel better – or even feel good – on your period. With these simple tricks, you will feel stronger, happier and yourself.

Dealing with Pain

For years and years, it has been assumed that women’s period pain isn’t particularly serious. This is very, very annoying and not least because it seems that a very male-orientated healthcare system is disregarding our experience. Instead of just nodding along and going with paracetamol or ibuprofen, if your period pain is causing you to take a day or two in bed wrapped up with a hot water bottle, you need to insist on getting stronger painkillers, which are available and very effective.

You might also consider going on a contraceptive pill. Doctors can give you a prescription for the pill even if you are not sexually active. This will help to regulate your hormones and the mini pill might even stop your periods altogether. While this might feel a bit odd to start with, it is safe and won’t affect your fertility.

Feeling Beautiful

It is very common for women to feel incredible while they are ovulating and then suffer a massive crisis of confidence while on their period. Spots are a common issue and even once acne has cleared up, you may continue to experience breakouts as an adult. You can speak to your doctor about the best acne treatments for adults and may require antibiotics to help clear your skin.

You should also take the time to dress well and do your makeup while you are on. Even if you have your biggest knickers on underneath, going out wearing your favorite clothes will give you an instant boost. Go for floaty fabrics and elasticated waistbands if you are feeling bloated for stylish comfort.

Looking After Yourself

The most important thing you can do at any time of the month is look after yourself. If you are feeling stressed and tired, your hormones are only going to make things worse, so do take every opportunity to relax and unwind. A warm bath will help to soothe your aches and pains and you can use some lovely scented bath products to get the spa-like feel you need.

Though you might want to hit the chocolate and carbs hard, try to balance your cravings with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to boost your vitamins and minerals. Drinking plenty of water will also make you feel more awake happier.


Your family will more than understand if you need to take some time to yourself. Be honest with them about how you feel and they will be able to offer your support and love, just as they do the rest of the time.


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