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Signs of a Hormone Imbalance That You Need to Look Out For

Most people know that there are two main hormones: testosterone and estrogen. These two need to be in perfect balance in your body if you want to live a normal lifestyle. However, it can often be imbalanced due to dietary, environmental or even bodily factors. Hormonal balance is required for the body to function properly, but there are also many benefits to having a perfect balance.

To help you diagnose the issue and give you some early warnings before you consult a doctor, we’ve put together some common signs of hormone imbalance that you need to watch out for and some simple ways to help remedy the issue.

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Testosterone Levels

Although many people assume testosterone to be the “male” hormone, it’s actually incredibly important for women to maintain some levels of this as well for regular bodily functions. A lack of testosterone is usually indicated by obesity, excessive acne, thinning hair and also menstrual irregularity.

You can attempt to balance testosterone levels with supplements such as Tongkat Ali root extract, but it’s always recommended to contact a medical professional before you take anything that could disrupt your hormonal balance. Signs of low testosterone levels in women include a lowered sexual desire or satisfaction, depressive mood swings and also muscle weakness. However, a low libido can also be an indication of high testosterone levels. Regular acne breakouts are common in women with hormonal imbalances, especially if they are around the jaw or chin.

It’s important to take these signs seriously because prolonged hormonal imbalances can have drastic effects on your health. Make sure you visit a medical professional as soon as possible and describe the changes that you’re experiencing so that your doctor can properly diagnose your issues, as well as refer you to a treatment center such as this TRT Cincinnati clinic for effective treatment.

Estrogen Levels

Estrogen is responsible for many functions in the female body such as sexual development, breast changes and also helps to regulate food intake. Some common signs of low estrogen include painful intercourse due to a lack of vaginal lubrication, common mood swings, depression, fatigue and also breast tenderness. If you’re active, then you might find that your bones are weaker as well.

Low estrogen is usually caused by excessive amounts of exercise. Eating disorders like anorexia can also affect estrogen production, and there are a number of different diseases and conditions such as Turner syndrome that affect it. You’re often more at risk of low estrogen as you grow older, or if you regularly go on extreme diets. Treatment often includes estrogen therapy or hormone replacement therapy, but these can also result in lowered testosterone levels, so it has to be carefully monitored for your own safety and wellbeing.

Final Words

It’s important to take care of your body and understanding the signs of hormonal imbalance could be the key to unlocking a more positive life. Just ensure that you’re not overlooking these signs and make sure you see a doctor no matter how small or light you think your problems are!


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  1. Jamelle
    February 13, 2018 at 8:49 pm

    Hi! Thanks for sharing these. I feel far less alone with my enviable combo of odd food cravings / rollercoaster mood swings after reading this. That, and my inability to significantly / comfortably gain weight and keep it on *sigh*. Your post has been very helpful and I’m hoping to start working on these soon with an appointment and plan of action with my GP. I’d also add for those reading that the likes of trouble sleeping / sleepless nights (*raises hand slowly*) is also another to add to your list to look out for, among others that aren’t mentioned here – this is a good companion piece, if I could suggest it 🙂 – Fingers crossed I’ll be able to report back with some success.

    Looking forward to your next post.

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