Holiday Hosting Tips

Are you excited to host your first-holiday gathering in your new home? What better way to break in your new home with loved ones then inviting all your family and friends over to celebrate the season with a yummy holiday meal. Now, I get that you may be a little nervous to take on such a big ordeal but there are a few tips to keep in mind that will make your first hosting experience go off without a hitch and keeping you breathing light breaths. I promise! 

Begin Food Prepping Early

One of the biggest things I feel many of us feel the need to do is keep our dishes fresh and hot as if you slaved all day in front of the stove. While that is key to hosting a delicious meal, you can actually prepare a few batches of food ahead of time to save you the time and anguish. Items such as cranberry sauce, pies and casseroles can be made a couple of days in advance and still tastes incredible! Sometimes if you have a delicious turkey to make, I’ve even had a few friends cook their turkey the day before that way it gives them more time to spend with loved ones socializing instead of checking on the bird throughout the entire time their friends are there. The biggest thing is it will help your stress level and you can enjoy the party in a better mood instead of worrying about trying to do it all. 

Plan Decor Ahead Of Time

Not only can you prep your food but you can also set things out for your decor as well. Items to help you can be tablecloths needing to be ironed, china being washed and any extra supplies that you want to put around the house set in their proper spot. Add a few staple items around such as bowls, lights, candles and a wreath for a festive look. Again, doing this a few days ahead of time is key to keeping things in control and organized for the big day. 

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Upgrade Your Home

While this isn’t ideal to do before your big party, one thing we did when we moved into our home was upgraded our floors. I’ve dreamed about having hardwood floors and wanted only the best. Selecta Flooring is your one-stop-shop for installing gorgeous hardwood floors in New Jersey throughout not only the bottom part of your home but also the top. Selecta Flooring takes pride in giving the Union County area wood floors they can be proud of for years to come. They install any color and finish you can imagine and help transform your home for the holidays. Did you know that hardwood flooring is actually easier to care for than carpet which constantly needs vacuuming. Hardwood floors can be swept and mopped easily and quickly. An alternative method of cleaning will also give you a healthier living and breathing environment. The specialists at Selecta Flooring also take the time to ensure that you and your family understand how to properly care for your new hardwood floors as well so you’ll be in tip-top shape when guests and out of towners arrive for the big day. 

Have Optional Games

For those that enjoy playing games at a party, offer a variety of fun interactive games for your guests to enjoy. These games can include something fun for everyone to enjoy such as Left Right Center or Scattergories. For those that might not want to participate, setting up a small gingerbread house for kids to help decorate and take home. Whatever your type of choice, I’m sure it’ll be exciting for everyone coming to your party to enjoy.


Holiday hosting is supposed to be a fun and exciting time for you and your family to show off your new home or just because if it’s your turn to do so this year! Don’t stress if you stick to a budget, plan out your decor and menu ahead of time and just enjoy the time with those who travel near and far to celebrate such a big moment with you. Everything will be fine and if needed, install in some help before the big day so you’re not too overwhelmed either. It never hurts to ask others to even bring dishes or decor to help bring your vision to life. Is there any first time hosting tips I forgot to mention? I’d love to hear your stories or advice in the comments below. 


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