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A Holey Mess! The DIY Jobs You Should Never Tackle


As tempting as it can be to fix the problems around the house yourself, especially if you consider yourself a dab hand with a screwdriver, there are things that, not only is it recommended you don’t touch, but you would be a foolhardy idiot if you did! Here are the DIY jobs you should never tackle.

Moving Heavy Furniture

If you are going for a complete overhaul of your property, and this requires moving art nouveau installations around your house, it’s best left to moving experts. You don’t want to cause any damage to the item itself, nor to yourself.

Certain Electrical Jobs

Electrical jobs are, for the most part, pretty complex. While you may know the difference between the different colored wires in a socket, this doesn’t mean you should tackle all the fundamental electrical problems in your house. It’s always best to hire a local electrician to make sure that, if there are any issues with regards to wiring problems, that they know exactly where the problem comes from. You could end up ripping through so many layers of wall, that the problem might be worse off than when it originally began.

Complex Tiling

As far as DIY is concerned, basic tiling is fine, but be careful when tiling for practical reasons. Something like the bathroom needs waterproofing at every angle, and if you don’t fasten the tiles properly, then you might be adding insult to an already expensive job.

Sanding Floors

Sanding floors can take some time to get right, and it’s always beneficial to hire a professional to get it done right. The big problem if you attempt to sand a floor down yourself, is that the house’s value might be severely lowered, as many professionals can tell the difference between a hack job and one done by a professional.

Plumbing And Piping

Yes, sometimes it can be easy to replace one simple pipe fitting using a basic kit, but that one simple fitting might be the forebearer of a much larger problem. If you suspect water leakage in your house, it’s not always sourced in one location, and if there are problems between the floorboards, hiring a professional is the only way to make sure that you get the issue fixed properly.

Wall Work

Take a sledgehammer to the wrong wall, and you could have a disaster. Before you decide to knock through a wall to make more space for your living room and dining area combination, you need to make sure that it’s not a load-bearing wall. Be sure to ask a contractor to confirm that it’s not a load-bearing wall because even if you don’t get injured from knocking down this wall, there could be more disasters in store for your home.


We all attempt DIY jobs to save some money, but these are some you should never tackle. Yes, it’s incredibly tempting to fix these problems all by yourself, but you’ve got to think of the consequences. Would you rather have a nice-looking home or the equivalent of The Money Pit? So think on, the next time you plan some renovating, or attempt to fix that “little” problem yourself.

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