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I Give You The Gift Of Holiday

As the festive season is so close that you can almost see Rudolph’s red nose in the sky if you squint your eyes, now seems the perfect time to discuss holiday plans, and more importantly the kind of holidays you need to have a merry Christmas with your family. Not everyone enjoys celebrating Christmas across the fireplace in the living room. Some people like to travel and to take the magic of Christmas with them in a new part of the world. Others think of the end of the year as a break from work and the everyday stress and want to live a festive experience they won’t forget, to take a deep breath and recharge their batteries. And of course, with each holidaymaker, there’s a holiday budget that defines what to do and where to go. What is the best Christmas holiday, ranging from the most expensive to the most affordable, that you could have with your family without sacrificing on fun, love and the spirit of the end of the year? Take your pick, I give you, this Christmas; the gift of ho-ho-holiday.

Get your Christmas decor ready

Buy yourself the holiday home you deserve

Who doesn’t dream of a second home as a cozy holiday home, where you can go whenever you want and leave the routine behind? That’s precisely why you should consider investing in a holiday property. With the right estate agent, you might grab a bargain deal on a new condo launch in a sunny place or find a sweet little cabin in the mountain. Is there a better way to celebrate Christmas than to take your family on holiday at home and away from home at the same time? Admittedly, there’s no denying that the purchase of a property is a big investment, but with the right advisors, you can make the most of a property investment. Indeed, if you choose to rent your holiday home when you’re not using it, you can even secure a no income tax system in which the profit generated by the rent is directly repurposed to pay back your mortgage. In other words, your second home could be paying for itself, so that you can spend a fantastic Christmas holiday away without breaking the bank.  

Take your family to the discovery of a new culture

What if you’re not looking to buy a new home but simply want to discover new regions in the world and spend a  sunny Christmas? If you’re not a fan of snow at Christmas, and if you don’t like being cold when you open your presents, why not look for a warm destination to wow your family out of the freezing routine? Australia is the perfect destination in December as Christmas falls during the first month of the Australian summer. If you’ve always dreamed of building sand castles instead of decorating the Christmas tree, you’re in luck! Besides, there’s no need to worry about the lingo, which is a bonus when you’re on holiday abroad. If you fancy something a little more European, try the Canary Islands which enjoy a mild winter with temperatures in the mid-70 degrees. But if you want to discover something completely new, book your flight to Thailand, the land of smiles that offers both a friendly and warm welcome and weather to all visitors. You’ll love the typical Thai food instead of the traditional roast turkey.

Meet Santa and his little helpers

Not everyone wants to walk away from the traditional white Christmas. In fact, many families still look up the cloudy sky on Christmas day to address a little prayer to the god of weather – please, make it snow. If you’re craving for a white festive season like in the old postcards, book a trip to the country of Santa, Lapland. You can get to meet Rudolph and his reindeer friends – they even offer a sleigh ride if you want to lose yourself in the romance of a white landscape. For young children, there’s a private meeting with Santa, where your kids can observe the magical man from close and tell him everything about their wishes. If you’re brave enough, you can join a local team of snow hockey to learn all the moves and stay fit between some of the indulgences of the season.

Let Rudolph show you the way

Make it magical beyond words

If you’re looking for a pocket of peace and magic to escape the routine, you may want to entrust your holiday to someone who knows: Walt Disney, and more importantly the magic kingdom of Disney World. There’s more than a sense of joy and playfulness with the princesses and the famous characters of this empire. As everyone has grown up surrounded by the Disney films, it’s impossible not to find your way back to the mesmerizing eyes of childhood when you visit the park.

Keep it cozy and homely

Does it mean that you can’t have a wonderful Christmas at home? Of course not! You can decorate the home and add careful attention to your guestroom, especially if you want to give the gift of giving this Christmas. Making your guests feel at home and included in the celebration. Keep the guestroom well prepared, including magazines and books but also toiletries. You need to make the room feel alive if you want people to feel comfortable in it and to enjoy the Christmas break with you. And don’t forget the mandatory decoration, such as using red curtains or maybe a couple of candles in the room!

LIttle Christmas attentions

Remember the spirit of Christmas

Finally, wherever you are, whatever you do during the festive holiday, what brings joy to you and your family is to embrace the spirit of Christmas. Christmas is, after all, not all about the presents. It’s about togetherness and caring for each other. The wrapped up gifts under the Christmas tree are naturally nice to have. But remember that having each other and living compassionately is what makes the season magical. It’s not where you go or what you do. It’s who you do it with and what you do it for.

So, this Christmas, don’t just think of where you go. Pick the best destination for your family to make it magical, and if it’s home, it’s just as good as anywhere else!

Disclosure: This is a contributed post.


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