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Gifting Outside The Box

Christmas is quick around the corner, and that means we have to get scrambling to snap up those Black Friday deals and Christmas Marketplace stunners. November is the perfect time to grab the gift you’ve been wanting to get someone since the start of the year, as it’s not too early and it’s not too late, and thus you’re guaranteed to find what you want in stock. But what if you don’t know what you should get for someone else? Well use this time to work it out, as we still have December to go! Here’s a few ideas however to help get you started.


Maybe a Razor?

We know it can be a struggle to pick up something when the person you’re buying for has everything, whether they be a friend, family, or a partner. Razors are a practical gift that can last for a long time, and that makes them a popular purchase for this time of year. Yet a lot of people don’t consider them, so consider this the razor’s calling card.

If you have a man in your life who likes to give himself a close shave, why not lend a hand and buy him a specialist tool for that occasion? Read up on something like Merkur 34C HD Review – Is It The Best DE Safety Razor to see comparisons between the leading brands, or brands you’ve never heard of, the best prices you won’t have to fork out hundreds for, and reviews from like minded people. It’s always better to have a first hand account.

Why Not Name a Star?

This one is a little out of this world, but sometimes that’s the only place you can go for the sister who has everything! Buy someone a star to name, have the registry certificate and star coordinates shipped to your door, and voila! They’re part of the galaxy now.

Similarly, Remember Gifts Don’t Have to Be Physical

If you think a loved one of yours doesn’t require anything that can be wrapped up in a box, why not hand them an envelope instead? Inside you could hide gift cards, experience day tickets or confirmation emails, or even some flight vouchers.

Been talking about a trip away for months with your partner? This is the perfect time to finally gift them the experience they’ve been looking for! With a flight voucher they can find a cheap ticket on most airlines, and you can both jetset off in style at a much cheaper rate than before. You can also hide concert or sports tickets inside, so you and a best friend could whizz off to see your favorite stars in action. Gifting in this way makes the whole occasion seem a lot more exciting as you’ll be feeling the anticipation as well!


Giving gifts at Christmas is one of the main events, as it helps us to remember what Christmas is all about. But also, it can be your time to outshine with such amazing gift ideas!


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