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While it’s no fun getting stuck at home due to social distancing and self-isolation, you can create exciting activities to engage everybody with a bit of effort. You need some activities to kick out the boredom, pass the time, and make fantastic memories. But with many stores still closed, you may have a lot of work on your hand. However, a bit of creativity and ideas is helpful for the entire family, regardless of the size. Whether it’s the summer, winter, or spring, here are some fun family activities great for any day, time, or weekend.

Plan a picnic

You can bring the summer fun activities to your backyard if your family misses picnics in the park. For instance, you can make your traditional picnic lunches such as potato chips, sandwiches, and fruits and pack everything into a basket to the picnic destination – your backyard. Moreover, a patio table or covering the lawn with a blanket should be enough for your family to enjoy some fresh air and vitamin D doses. Rice paper balls hanging from low branches can also add instant ambiance. Furthermore, you can leverage kitchen dish towels to wrap your Tupperware, sandwiches, and glasses to keep everything insulated.

Solve a puzzle

It is fun when everybody works together to complete a puzzle. Therefore, you can select a puzzle that displays meaningful locations and scenes. For instance, if you recently took a family holiday to Paris, you can get a puzzle of the Towers. Moreover, puzzles and large game pieces benefit kids experiencing particular impairments – like the different cerebral palsy types – by helping them build upper-body strength and coordination. While this is mainly for children who depend primarily on their upper body for mobility, you can also search for games, puzzles, or play sets that utilize large pieces.

Play the hide-and-seek game

Hide-and-seek can be a great fun activity, depending on your backyard size. It offers an opportunity for your kids to exercise by running and exploring. However, it should be within your home confines due to the raging pandemic. Combining hide-and-seek with your home indoors can make it more challenging and fun. However, ensure to set some rules and guidelines based on your kid’s ages to avoid anybody getting hurt or lost.


Gardening is a classic activity for the entire family to bond and relish together. There are several approaches for introducing your kids to gardening, including a trip to your local gardening store. Moreover, it could be a plant sale store or a nursery, depending on your community. It’s fun to get your kids involved from the onset. This way, they get to choose their seeds, ready-made plants, and preferred gardening tools. Occasionally, you can check in with them to ensure that nearby weeds don’t impede their efforts. Additionally, you can share the watering schedule for an all-inclusive experience.


Practicing social distancing doesn’t mean watching TV all day. Fortunately, this article has provided fun-filled activities that your entire family will enjoy. These activities are not just fun but additionally great for your family’s physical, emotional and mental health.


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