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Are These The Things You Are Worrying About When It Comes To More Children?

There is always going to be a worry when it comes to deciding on whether you want to have another baby. Thinking back to when you first decided to start a family, the decision was perhaps an easier one to make. Often the ignorance of not really knowing what to expect can be fuelled by the excitement, and so if the time is right for you and your partner you just go for it. But experience teaches you things, and so adding to your family can be a harder decision to make. Everyone has the general worries of pregnancy and also now knowing exactly what to expect such as sleepless nights and the raw emotions that go with your postpartum body. However, they are more common than you probably realize. I wanted to share with you some of the added worries that could affect your decision to have another baby and hopefully enable you to finally put your mind at ease about the decision you want to make.

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Whether your house is big enough?

We will start with the practical side of things first of all, and one of those things is your house and home. Is it big enough? It isn’t always about bedrooms either, it can even be whether your living spaces can accommodate. While many people cope with whatever surroundings they have when it comes to having more children, if you have the chance to think about it, it may become a worry of yours. It might be time to extend and invest or move on, but this can be a worry because of all the stress moving can cause. It is certainly a big decision to make.

If you have a big enough car?

Another practical thing to consider, but perhaps one that is less stressful but still a financial cost is your car. Can you fit another car seat in it? Is it reliable? Is the boot big enough for all the things a baby needs? Now might be the time to take a look at your current model and think about an upgrade. It can be the second biggest purchase you make behind your home, so it is certainly not a decision to make lightly. It might be a big worry as you wonder whether you can afford it or not.

The worry of what might happen

As I mentioned earlier, sometimes during your first pregnancy the ignorance of not really knowing what might or will happen can be bliss. But second, third or fourth time around, you are very much aware that a baby being born healthy and happy is a blessing, and sometimes things can wrong. One in four pregnancies end in loss at varying stages, and let’s not forget that giving birth, although a natural thing for a woman to do, can be quite dangerous as well. Sometimes things go wrong, and while you can’t focus on the negative, it can be a comfort to know that you have the law on your side should you find yourself in this situation. This is when websites like can be extremely helpful.

The emotional scars from your last pregnancy and birth

There is no hiding from the fact that some pregnancies and births can be traumatic or problematic and this can be a huge deciding factor on whether you want to go through it all again. It is important to understand that not every pregnancy and birth will be the same as the last, but it might be that you have some unresolved emotions attached to it that could need addressing first. Especially if you associate fear with it.

The fears of trying to conceive or experiencing loss

Another big worry for some is the trying to conceive journey. It isn’t always plain sailing and for some, it takes longer than others. Also, you may have experienced loss along the way, or you have a fear of this happening. Of course, no one knows what will happen or what your trying to conceive journey will be like, but you do need to be emotionally supportive of one another to get through it.

Is the rest of the family ready?

Finally, is the rest of the family ready for another baby? You and your partner may have been happy with your decision but what about your children? Are they ready? It might be worth discussing your plans with members of the family and your children. It can help them to get involved in the pregnancy when you do get pregnant such as taking them to scans, etc.


I hope that this puts your mind at ease as these are all very common worries to have when deciding to add to your family.


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