8 Times To Hire A Lawyer


From helping you fight legal battles and guiding you through legislation, lawyers can offer their support in many ways. There are several key times when it can be beneficial to hire a lawyer. Below are just 8 examples of times when you should consider hiring a lawyer.

Filing a lawsuit

There are many situations where you may want to sue someone from breaches of contract to personal injuries caused by other people. Filing a lawsuit without a lawyer is possible, but it isn’t recommended. Lawyers will help you build the strongest case possible so that you’re more likely to win the compensation you deserve.

Defending yourself against a lawsuit

Been sued by someone else? This could be another perfect time to hire a lawyer. On top of helping you to file lawsuits, lawyers can help defend you against lawsuits directed towards you. Forming a solid defence without professional legal help is likely to be very difficult. 

Starting a business

When launching a business, it’s useful to have a lawyer on call. Business solicitors can help to guide you through industry regulations, set up a limited company, apply for trademarks and help prevent lawsuits by advising you on how to deal with difficult clients and employees. By hiring someone from the start, you can keep them up to date with all business developments.

Navigating a divorce

Lawyers can also help you to deal with the complexity of divorce such as deciding who gets which assets. If you have kids, a lawyer can also help you when deciding how to share parental time and deciding who pays child maintenance. If it’s a messy breakup and your ex is not being co-operative, hiring a lawyer could be a necessity. However, even in the case of amicable breakups, a lawyer could still come in handy for providing advice on how to proceed. 

Emigrating to another country/helping someone immigrate

The immigration process for many countries can be long and complex. A lawyer can be worth hiring to help you navigate this process – whether you’re migrating to another country or helping someone else immigrate such as a family member or partner. 

Defending yourself against a criminal conviction

Have you been accused of a crime? Whether it’s something minor like a parking ticket or something serious like a murder, it could be worth hiring a lawyer to defend you if you want to protest your innocence. Even if you are guilty of the crime, hiring a lawyer could still help you to reduce any penalties – which could be worthwhile when facing a huge fine or jail time. 

Writing a will and handling probate

When it comes to planning the future of your estate, it could also be worth hiring a lawyer to help you write a legally binding will and make plans such as opening trust funds. Probate lawyers can also help when contesting someone else’s will.

Disputing planning permission

If you’re planning to renovate your home but your planning application has been rejected, it may still be possible to get permission by disputing your case in court. Specialist lawyers can also help in these situations.  


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