7 Things To Consider When Getting Married Again After A Divorce

Getting divorced or separated after a long-term relationship can shatter your self-esteem. Nobody gets married with the objective of getting divorced. So when it happens, you understandably feel anxious at the thought of getting married again. But it’s a lot more than avoiding the mistakes of the past. There’s a sense of “been there done that” that stops you from popping the question. You’ve tried, it didn’t work, and it was painful. Surely, you’re not going to try again, right?

In reality, it takes time to get used to the idea of a new relationship after separation. You will probably need to make peace with your inner fears and self-doubts before you can accept Mr or Mrs. Right into your life. However, fear should not stand between you and your marriage. Getting married again after a divorce can be daunting if you let your past experience guide you. But here are 7 things you want to consider as you settle into a new and happy relationship.


#1. You are more experienced

Everybody makes mistakes. But the important thing about making mistakes is that they help you learn a lesson. It is foolish to assume that you are the same as you were during your previous relationship. You have learned a lot about couple life, red flags, and love. Therefore, you can’t assume that getting divorced is a fatality. On the contrary, you are now better prepared to recognize unhappy relationships and unreliable partners.

Your experience has guided you to a new relationship. The happiness you experience in your new relationship doesn’t compare to your past. In other words, you can’t let the fears of the past cast a shade on your present and future. If you already feel happy with your current partner, why question your emotions and compatibility?

#2. It’s a positive financial decision

If you already live together and share common plans for the future, getting married can help bring your finances together. Indeed, money [problems can dramatically affect couples. Therefore, partners who develop their financial literacy to strengthen their budget can avoid a lot of hassles and stress. Getting married can have a significant influence on your finances. Therefore, if you are considering options to save on expenses, marriage could become one of them.

Married couples can benefit from America’s progressive tax system when one partner earns significantly less than the other. Marriage bonuses can come up to 21% of your combined income. Additionally, the couple also shares social security benefits and health insurance benefits. Considering the cost of health insurance, accessing your partner’s company-sponsored insurance policy can save your household a lot of money in the long term.

#3. You can build your family

When you get married, you create a new family unit. Most couples who choose to get married consider having children together. Children are often a consideration for marriage. But when you marry someone who has already experienced another long-term relationship (or if you have yourself), chances are that one of you already has children. Many divorced parents are concerned about introducing their new partner to the child. It can be a delicate and slow process. However, children have a good sense of your happiness. A child will recognize when your partner is good for you and themselves. Additionally, a lot of children grow up to consider your partner as a parent. Getting married when one of you already has children could also make your existing family stronger and happier. More often than not, children reach out to a stepchild adoption lawyer when they are old enough to discuss the option of recognizing your partner as a parent.


#4. Love should always be celebrated

Love exists in all shapes and colors. It would be foolish to assume that every individual can only have one love story in their life. As you grow older and become more experienced, you begin to make the difference between infatuation and deep love. Perhaps, you’ve come to realize that your first relationship wasn’t built on love, even though it felt like it. But, you now understand the ingredients of a healthy relationship that exposes the real you with all your flaws and habits. Your relationship is built on mutual respect and open communication. You are not afraid to share your thoughts and weaknesses when you open up because you know your partner is there for you. When you share that kind of love with someone, you have every right to celebrate it. In other words, just because you’ve loved in the past and been already married, it doesn’t exclude loving today and wanting to marry your partner.

#5. You are ready to progress your relationship

What is the next step in your relationship? When you’ve moved in together and already share all household decisions, marriage is the natural progression of your relationship. This doesn’t mean that marriage is mandatory. Many couples can live happily together without being married. However, if you wish to demonstrate your love and commitment to each other, a wedding could be the answer you seek to make things official.

#6. You get on with each other’s family and friends

Getting married should be a peaceful and happy moment. Typically, couples who choose to get married get on well with each other’s family and social circles. Being comfortable with your partner’s friends and relatives is already a sign that nobody will oppose your marriage. It’s also a great sign that your relationship is accepted and celebrated by others. When others think of you as a couple, you can be sure they will be the first to applaud at your wedding.

#7. It doesn’t change your relationship

Getting married might seem like a big step in a relationship. However, it should not change anything in your day-to-day life. Indeed, the wedding officializes your relationship. However, it doesn’t introduce new habits and routines. You already are at a point where you care for each other every day. A wedding band doesn’t inject new depth into your affection. It should already be there.


In conclusion, if you are concerned about getting married about a divorce, it’s time to let go of your fears and self-doubts. Don’t let the mistakes from the past haunt you. Your happy relationship deserves to be celebrated and cherished, even if you had been in another relationship previously.


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